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WARNING! Challenger Approaching!

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The Dodgers Guy
Hello. My name is BlackHorseGamer.

First thing to know about me is I'm a diehard fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball. My favorite player is Justin Turner in case you were wondering.

It's been almost a year since I last played Pokemon, but I still remain an admirer of the series. I've been using Serebii as a source of information since at least 2008. My favorite Pokemon are Blastoise, Rapidash, Lucario, and Gardevoir. I've recently decided to look for a way to watch the Anime, but I can't start yet because I'm in college.

I also desire to one day become a Let's Player with my YouTube channel sometime. If that day comes, I will eventually play Colosseum and XD Gale of Darkness on it.
Not open for further replies.