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Warrenty Question


How gullible will they be? I've got this 'problem' with my DS Lite, where the whole right part of the hinge just sorta...broke off. But of course, physical damage isn't covered in the warrenty, so I'm wondering what I can do to fix it so it isn't super obvious it was broken, so then I can ruin a button or something in the time my warrenty has left, so I can get a new one. I've tried hot glue gun already.


As you can see, it's not doing real well. It still works fine, it's just that the right part is the one that had it snap into place, so it's kinda limp now and stuff. No, I did not drop it, it started out as this crack along where it broke on the back, and when I flipped it open, it just kinda flew off.
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I think Nintendo would cover that under the warranty as the hinge does crack because of a flaw.



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Another one trying to link to a photo on his hard drive. I swear, you should have to pass a basic aptitude test before being allowed to post.


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ROFL there should be a test to see if you are capable to coming on these forums :p I think that it should be covered under warranty and that you need to learn how to post a link!


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The same thing happened to me, and the warranty covered the damage. Nintendo, like any other company, wouldn't normally cover physical damage under warranty, but the exception in this case would be the "first batch" of DS Lites. They have this defect in the hinges which causes them to crack, and Nintendo themselves fessed up to this problem. So if you bought yours around June or July, you should be alright; I was. A new Black DS Lite is on the way for me. :)


This wasn't the normal cracked hinge thing, though, which it has, but still. This is on the total other side. Mine was mid August, shipped right from Nintendo as a replacement.