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Was Alain’s Win Against Malva Legit?

Was Malva trying her hardest to win against Alain?

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Alain is the only known non-Champion trainer in the anime to have beaten an E4 on-screen. Due to how unprecedented this feat was some people claim that Malva may have thrown the fight or at the very least wasn’t trying her hardest, so my question is “do you think Malva was trying her best to win in her battle with Alain?”.


Given his performance in the Kalos League and how his Charizard beat Ash-Greninja after having taken two super effective Thunderbolts and a Quick Attack from Pikachu, I would say that his win was legitimate.
In case of vs Malva's Mega Houndoom, Mega Charizard X took clearly even more damage before the battle compared to vs Ash-Greninja, being weared down and exhausted by 9 Mega Evolutions before.

Alain was a power obsessed freak.
By what logic???


Anime fanatic
•Dude made the league a complete joke on his end
• Gym leaders got tossed like ragdolls by that Lizard
• His beat down by Seibold probably pushed him to reach that tier.


U.N. Owen

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night ...
From a story perspective, I see nothing gained from having Malva throw away her victory. After all, if you want to establish Alain as a threat to Ash, then make him take out an Elite Four member.


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The main part of the throw theory was the fact she was part of team flare and that Lysandre ordered her to throw so he could continue to grow Alain's power so he could complete his plan since if Alain lost Alain would of had to give up his keystone and mega stone.

I guess Alain's power of being able to beat an e4 member could be real but her involvement with Team Flare and their plan keeps a level of doubt on this feat.