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Was considering starting a new Ruby playthrough, how does this look?

Discussion in '3rd Gen RMT' started by Rebel562, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Rebel562

    Rebel562 Odd Teambuilder

    I was going to start a new Ruby walkthrough, mainly for the purpose of trying out and getting some experience in on Walrein and Exploud, and trying out Sceptile. So, how does this look?

    ;254; (Sceptile)
    ;365; (Walrein)
    ;295; (Exploud)
    ;334; (Altaria)
    ;306; (Aggron)
    ;344; (Claydol)

    I'm open to suggestions and criticism, however I will not remove Walrein or Exploud from this team.
  2. Metalhead9838772

    Metalhead9838772 Fearless Trainer

    Good luck for getting that Walrein, you can only fint it in Shoal Cave, which is near the end of the game. You should post your movesets for us to judge your team correctly. Here are some ideas:

    Leaf Blade
    Crunch/Brick Break
    Dragon Claw
    Giga Drain

    Ice Beam
    Body Slam
    Rest (with Chesto Berry)/Waterfall/Dive

    Hyper Voice/Beam
    Shadow Ball/Flamethrower/Shock Wave

    Dragon Dance
    Dragonbreath/Dragon Claw
    Take Down

    Iron Tail/Metal Claw
    Rock Slide (Move Learner)/Rock Tomb

    Sandstorm/Cosmic Power
    Hyper Beam/AncientPower

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