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Was the Elite Four a pushover in this generation?

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by Sakosimaru, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. Serbaayuu

    Serbaayuu Pokemon Collector

    Well it only took me two tries to get through and even so my Pokemon were all pretty low levels. High 50s to med 60s, the only one I really had trouble with was Cynthia.

    Not exactly pushovers but extremely easy if you know their Pokemon beforehand and have a team full of type advantages.
  2. Camoako

    Camoako Meditating...

    well if you thought this was easy just remember the times you spent with the elite foru of the rubie & sapphire series!! :-D
  3. Abs0l

    Abs0l Dark Pokemon Trainer

    Aaron: Nothing, too easy
    Bertha: Torterra destroys her team..
    Flint: annoying because only 2 fire types
    Lucian: the hardest out of all of them imo
    Cynthia: Dialga took of most of the team, took a few trys because I didn't want milotic to use ice beam on torterra.
  4. roy_vos

    roy_vos Pkmn researcher

    the elite 4 was to easy.. the only pokemon that are somtimes a little bit hard are Drapion, Hippopotas and Bronzong.
    if i was them, them must train there pomeon to a hight lv. thust like in leaf green/ fire red
  5. gigaslave

    gigaslave Active Member

    The Elite Four themselves are poorly, although not as "lol, Surf/Psychic/BoltBeam Starmie sweeps them all at once" like the Kanto Elite Four.

    -Aaron could have done better with his Heracross. Drapion is an interesting curveball, and his use of Vespiquen I approve.
    -What's up with the evil evil DT Quagsire Bertha's packing?! Hippowdon was a major annoyance with its massive HP.
    -Flint's team, lack of Fire-type notwithstanding, is pretty meh. He needs more klutz-trickeroo Lopunny and a better Infernape moveset.
    -Lucian had a pretty interesting but lacking team. At least the Mime and Bronzong combo was quite a 1-2 whammy.

    Cynthia's team - Spiritomb has No Weak, Garchomp is a fast and painful sweeper, Milotic is as tank as ever. If she had better movesets and held items, she would have made many people RAGE over the difficulty - How about a Round 2 Team for her in the inevitable Crystal counterpart to round out the Gen4 Triangle, gamefreak?

    (BTW, anyone can sweep all 5 of these high-level ingame trainers without breaking a sweat with L80s, but that's a given.)
  6. Droideka88

    Droideka88 Member

    Personally I found Sinnoh's elite four to be much stronger than Hoenn's elite four. I usually battle the Elite Four a few levels below their pokemon. The only reason why their Pokemon were limited was because of the Sinnoh Pokemon. 150 pokemon was IMO, pretty low.

    THe ones that gave me rough time were

    Aaron: Vesquien, Drapion
    Bertha: Whiscash because of its high special defense
    Flint: Infernape and Driflblim
    Lucian: Medicham, Bronzong
    Cythnia: Milotic

    Note: I'm getting a little tired of the ELite Four. WHy not have the Elite Five and make them formidable foes.
  7. Theneedleman

    Theneedleman crazyengage

    I had to train a lot before I could take them on, I sped through the game.
    Cynthia was the only one that was much of a challenge though.
  8. Blue Houndoom

    Blue Houndoom Fire-type Lover

    The first three were easy, but Lucian gave me some trouble. I didn't have a strong flying-type, and Medicham could counter all my Pokemon with the elemental punches, but I eventually killed it.

    Cynthia's Milotic was annoying, because, like the newb I am, I used a special-based electric attack on her and got killed by the Mirror Coat. Oops. Otherwise, it was a breeze. Garchomp was surprisingly easy to kill.

    Overall, they weren't all pushovers, and they put up a good fight. At least they were better than the Elite Four in G/S/C, lol.
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2008
  9. Doma

    Doma Reckoner.

    E4 Lucian and Cynthia [Shirona] had made my hair fall out [almost lol]. They're the ones that gave me a challenge for sure.

    The Sinnoh E4 were ok. And much love to the Bug trainer for sure.
  10. Espeon's Jewl

    Espeon's Jewl likes pie

    I think this elite four was a lot harder then my firered. To beat them, I never even had to restart once, and I only had two decent pokemon. For the Sinnoh elite four, especially the Champion, I had to restart multiple times, even with palkia. I have to admit though.. Aaron was really easy. The biggest problem I had in Sinnoh though is that I had no ethers. By the time I got to the champion, I had like 3 pp in everything.
  11. ShenBoi

    ShenBoi Gold Hero

    It was okay

    AARON: too easy
    Bertha: it was okay but here quagsire was annoying
    Flint: Was really annoyin expecially infernape
    Lucian: was pretty easy...until i ran out of good pp moves
    Cynthia was okay;
  12. Shellos

    Shellos From the East Sea!

    I pretty much only used two pokemon (Golduck and Dialga) to take them down. Bronzong was annoying, and I had to reset for him. I also had to reset for Cynthia's stupid Lucario and Aura Sphere...
    But only two resets. I snorted at Aaron's bug types. Bertha could have had a lot more of potential. Flint was a little disappointing, tbh.
    And also keep in mind that at the time, my Dialga was only lv 50-60 or so, I can't remember. Golduck wasn't even level 50..I attached a Metronome to Dialga and a Splash Plate to Golduck.
    Overall, not very difficult..
  13. MasterTrainer_J

    MasterTrainer_J Well-Known Member

    Bertha: Her stupid Quagesire used up most of my pokemons PP with it's Protection
    Flint: easy
    lucian: Really hard... took me a few tries
    cynthia: not that hard, once i figured out her pokemons weakness
  14. diamondpearl876

    diamondpearl876 → follow your fire.

    Been a while since I played Diamond, but I do remember being them being really easy. I think the only pokemon I had problems with was Cynthia's Garchomp.
  15. They were hard for me at first because I had weak and I mean WEAK pokemon until I got mewtwo well..
    AAron:made NOOOOOOOOOO sense Bug cmon EASY especilly with Infernape as starter
    Berta:a little more challinging I still hate Quagsire :D
    flint:like you said MORE FIRE!
    cynthia:messed me up alot
    well I beat my Game in 15 Hours because I saved In front of every one
  16. Canerib

    Canerib Can of Ribs?

    they were pretty easy.
    I beat them on my second try with pokemon in the forties and early fifties.
  17. Magmar Master

    Magmar Master Well-Known Member

    They weren't too easy

    and mabye they were were made easy because lots of people just wanted to get the national dex quickly
  18. mew..

    mew.. What do you want?

    they were semi easy. i beat them with my party, then i lost to them. iwht an all uber team...actually i lost to bertha and her quagsire whom i hate
  19. They were mostly easy. Honestly, when I beat them, my highest level Pokemon was my Palkia, Lv. 49. Two levels after I got it....
  20. surfer treecko

    surfer treecko Highly Explosive

    I thought it was hard... But that might of been because of my teams low levels.
    Flint would of been ok if he had pokemon with fire type moves, but his driftloon had nothing to do with fire at all!

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