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Was the Elite Four a pushover in this generation?


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that bronzong is the only pokemon in it that ever annoys me. and wow, the platinum version flint actually has fire pokemon


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I won't say it was a push-over but I defeated them the first time using a team of Pokemon from Level 48 to Level 54. The 2nd generation's elite four were and will always be the lamest excuse for an elite four.


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Aaron: Infernape used Fire Blast!
Bertha: Gastradon used Surf! Dialga used Roar Of Time!
Flint: Surf, Fire Blast!
Cynthia: Did I even fight her? Oh yeah, it was just over real quick!

What do you mean gen II's e4 was lame? It was totaly gen IV!

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It's in the levels man.

Anyway, seeing that I haven't reached the E4 yet - but watched a friend beat them - I think I could do it with an Infernape, Staraptor, Luxray, and Floatzel.

Back to Gen II E4... their levels are lower and they are weaker because you were only halfway through the game anyway.


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i didn't think any of it was hard. i thought cynthia was fairly easy.
Aaron: His bugs got smashed by my Staraptor. Drapion put up a modest fight, but was quickly defeated
Bertha: Only really had problems with Hippowdon. Apart from that, quite easy.
Flint: I hate his Infernape & Steelix.
Lucian: Apart from Mr Mime, quite easy
Cynthia: Quite appropriately the 'Champion'. She is (in my opinion) the hardest leader in all of E4 history. Her Milotic, Garchomp, Lucario and Roserade obliterated my team. Good thing I keep a large stock of items.

Overall, the D/P E4 was slightly harder than other game (harder than G/S/C and R/S/E, easier than R/B/Y and FR/LG). Cynthia was really the only difficult part of the experience, the other 3 were under strength and easy to deal with.

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Aaron-why use the weakest type in the game. It seemed like he was a failed attempt at bringing glory to the bug type. why use beautifly. There are much better bug types like scizor. Even with a double weakness he could still do a bit bettter overall.

Bertha- only two of her pokemon don't fall to a single wood hammer from torterra or an energy ball from other grass types. The biggest threat was hippowdon who fell to a single surf from palkia.

Flint-He acts like a fire type master but he only has two fire types. Glacia of 3rd gen. Had only two ice families to choose from and she posed much more of a threat than him using duplicates. Come on, Throw in another infernape and rapidash and maybe a dragon type with fire blast. Then he could really kick butt.

Lucian-The main threat in these parts. Reflect light screen combo then switch to bronzong. I had my first faint here. I thought infernape would be ok but got felled by a critical hit on psychic.

cynthia-other than her garchomp and milotic she was a breeze. Palkia rendered spiritomb into a new kind of space, Gastrodon fell to yet another wood hammer, roserad burned in infenape's fiery fury, Lucario got the same treatment, milotic ice beamed by torterra then got ohko'd by luxray's thunder, Chomp posed a bit of a threat but palkia survived dragon rush with 2hp then got an ohko off spacial rend.

If you want to talk about pushover look at 2nd gen. But i guess it isn't their fault since they were the halfway point on a game that was short on plot so had to put in 8 more gym's and a fierce battle with ash ketchum.

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Gahhhh... Double post.


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It was a total pushover.. It took no effort what so ever.

Aaron = Crobat and fire pokemon make this even more a pushover..
Bertha = the only one that really kept me in the battle.
Flint = Hard to talk about a lost cause..
Lucian = you can argue that bronzong took effort but right before the champion with no healing items could make it difficult.
Cynthia = Spiritomb and Garchomp kept me in the battle.


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i have to get aids for me cuz i found it tough but i was using 30- pokemon. now i find it a breeze. Lucian and Cynthia were hard. I hated the bronzong though.


Aaron: Easy
Bertha: Easy
Flint: Easy
Lucian: Mr. Mime was annoying...
Cynthia: A bit difficult

I had beaten the Elite 4 in one shot. :)


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aaron's weak
you can easily crush bertha
flint is kinda strong
lucian is challenging
cynthia is the best because og the mix of pokemon
Platinum will be VERY VERY challenging


They could have just been stronger. Maybe they should have had the same levels as you when encounter them the second time in Platinum.