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Was the Elite Four a pushover in this generation?


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I actually thought Lucian was harder than Cynthia because you could type-trump all her different Pokémon, but they all are so much stronger in Platinum.


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For my first time it was kind of hard. i didn't have a WATER type!!! But then i got an empoleon.
Aaron: Powned by ;398; No competition.
Bertha: Powned by ;395; except Quagsire and Whiscash. They're not exactly hard, though.
Flint: Powned by ;395; and ;398; I found Lopunny rather annoying the first few times I fought him though... Platinum Flint should be interesting though.
Lucian: Powned most things with ;452; or ;398; Bronzong is evil though... I still can't 1HKO it...
Cynthia: Not too bad... Spiritomb is evil to open with, Lucario is on the annoying side, Garchomp is rather pathetic.


Yes, the elite 4 were a HUGE pushover, yet not as bad as ruby, sapphire, and emeralds. If you use the right T.M on D/P the elite 4 is very easy.
The elite four is very weak, yet cynthia is decent.


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I beat it with 4 pokemon first time.
And they wern't very strong pokemon anyway, but honestly, who has a bug type specalist elite four member??????? seriously its like the easiest type to beat.


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They were tooooooo easy
Victory road was harder in fact it is harder in stark mountain!
they should have put mixed type elite 4 members like your rival in fire red and leaf green Cynthia was hard but not the elite for i beat them with my Torterra and a little help from a palkia
yeah really the only one that gave me any trouble was Spiritomb, hopefully they'll be harder in platinum


Aaron- Trounced with lvl 70 empoleon (my only pokemon over 40 at the time)
Bertha- Trounced
Flint- Trounced
Lucian- Trounced
Cynthia- Trounced to a lesser degree

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Evs Sp Atk/252 Sp DEf/252 Hp/4
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i beated the E4 104 times a while back to gain levels and to earn a nice load of cash and i never had much trouble with them even not the first time, it was a bit more difficult then but i got used to it.


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The levels were too high this generation, it took me 16 times on my Diamond just to become champion.....


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There easy in Dp but in Platinum they are no pushover anymore. But I havn't Vs the E4 yet because I'm training my Pokemon to lv 100 because my liar friend told me they where super hard to beat and now I have 6 badges and lv 70's because I took like 5 days training them. Grr I shall never forgive him

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I kind of liked it easy
i mean it got me to the legendaries faster


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i thought they were pretty easy, its good to see in platinum they get to high lvl's


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it was just a big let down in general they could of made a lil bit more difficult but they didnt


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I didn't think they were -that- easy compared to some of the previous E4s, but some of the trainers could just be swept through with a single Pokemon (Aaron, for instance). If they'd been any lower in level, a well-balanced team could have just wiped the floor with them first time through.

I had quite a bit of trouble from Hippowdon, Quagsire and Bronzong (for some reason...?) my first time through, but that was basically due to my team being a little low in the level department.
For me the first try was hard because i had low leveled pokemon. But when i had levelled them all up to lvl 50 it wa easy.


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In diamond and pearl the E4 was a pushover however in Platinum The E4 is a bit harder


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It was kinda hard, but........

The Elite 4 was an okay difficulty for me, but that was PROBABLY because my strongest pokemon was level 50. I mean, my Rapidash was really weak but it didn't have too much of a problem with Aaron. The Sinnoh Elite 4 have their weak points and their strong points. I mean, Garchomp was a pain. Cynthia used 3 full restores on it! Plus, Bronzong (Lucian) wasn't exactly a pushover either.