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Was the Elite Four a pushover in this generation?


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Aaron: Fire...Nothing more needs to be said.
Bertha: Also not hard, I usually One-Hit-KO all her Pokemon.
Flint: Steelix uses sunny day, which powers up fire moves, which it's weak to. Not very smart. Others are just as easy.
Lucian: Good Pokemon, hardest one so far.. Still easy though.
Cynthia: Took me 2 tries, on my second try, I One-Hit-KO'ed 4 of her Pokemon (Gastrodon, Roserade, Garchomp, and Milotic). Seemed to have a bit of a problem with her Lucario though.

But yes, Elite Four was a big pushover this game.


Pokemon Breeder
Aaron: He was pretty easy if you had a fire type, but if you were using a flying type against him, Drapion was hard to kill. But even drapion went down with a couple of earthquakes from torterra.
Bertha: Agreed with Sako, they were immune to electric type attacks, making them even harder for people who caught a shinx in the beginning of the game.
Flint: All I have to say is... Wtf? I think he should have some fire/x type pokemon of there are any, but not lopunny, steelix, and drifblim. Drifblim was in probably because of will-o-wisp (Or whatever) but steelix?
Lucian: He was good, no flaws i can see here.
Cynthia: Spiritomb was the only hard one for me becaue I fought it with an alakazam.


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Aaron, Bertha and Flint fell before my Palkia (level 58, at the time) effortlessly, with only a few full restores between battles. Lucian took my Infernape and a few revives to take down, and Cynthia was a pushover, aside from Garchomp. But Spacial Rend 2HKO'd him, but the two hits on me before that HURT.


Lieks Mudkips
I think that Aaron should have gotten Yanmega, that thing would have been a pain to beat


ruler of salamence
yes they where big pushovers my team was the best
metagross LV 100
tyranitar LV 100
swampert LV 100
empoleon LV 100
latias LV 100
froslass LV 100
anyone want to battle my fc is 2621 5021 3414 (max) thank you right back if you guys want to pwned at ultimate_charazard thanks bye


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They were rather easy. If they had swapped a few Pokemon each for others it would have been more of a challenge. Some ideas are:
Aaron: Yanmega, Armaldo
Bertha: Nidoking/Nidoqueen, Donphan, Gliscor
Flint: Magmortar, Houndoom, Arcanine
Lucian: Slowbro, Espeon
Unless you're pokemon were severely underleved, the elite four was quite easy. I beat 'em all my first time through, first time I ever did that in a pokemon game.


First time: I won it all with a lv 69 infernape and a lv. 52 lucario
I know it sucks

Second Time: My Ev'd Lv. 72 Porygon 2 made mince meat of everything.... slowly.

General Notes:
- My Evd Expert-Nite 0HKOs everything except bronzong. Thunderpunch sometimes fails to 0HKO it (lame).

- My Evd No Guard Machamp (which at the time had Ice punch and Thunder punch > Rest - Sleep talk) barely dented the elite four. WTH much?

- Aftermath and Mach punch are lame.

My rankings:

2nd Gen
4th Gen
3rd Gen
1st Gen (when I look back I wonder... how did my zapdos (drill peck / thunder / flash / fly) beat the elite four so easily?)


Commander Saturn
How to totally wipe out the elite 4:
Aaron:infernape, complete joke
Bertha: palkia's water pulse/ dialga's metal claw.
Flint: palkia
Lucian:Luxray's crunch
Cynthia: Mixture of the 3

Yeah, they could have done better with it.


The Forgotten Beast
Elite 4 Pwnage:

Aaron: My SD Chomp
Bertha: My SD Chomp
Flint: My SD Chomp
Lucian: My SD Chomp
Cynthia: My SD Chomp

So ya all you need is SD Chomp.

NOTE: I did NOT EV Train my Garchomp.


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The first three are, Lucian's Bronzong then gets annoying when it comes out.

Cynthia was more of a challenge.

Although having said this I was quite underlevelled haha


Palette Professor
Aaron: I'm very lucky I had dialga on this one, torterra had trouble
Bertha: She got completely destroyed by torterra
Flint: Dialga took care of rapidash, drifblim, and lopunny, and torterra suprisingly killed infernape and murdered steelix
Lucian: The only problem I really had with him was his bronzong (he's still my favorite E4)
Cynthia: Pretty easy, dialga did most of the work on this one


Personally, I don't think the Elite 4 was ever meant to be very challenging. It's part of the storyline that you must complete before you get to the battle tower, the only difficult part of the offline game. If the Elite 4 were actually hardcore, some people (I blame the children) would be stuck until they levelled up properly or just quit playing.

I remember being that little kid. I was all too happy to lose over and over again as my pokemon got stronger and further each time. I didn't save mid-4 or even buy items. My Zapdos new Drill Peck / Flash / Thunder / Fly for Pete's sake. You mis-understand the 8-year-old mentality. Losing half your money ain't exactly a big deal and teaching Charizard fire spin is a must. Chances are the kid has at least one nerdy friend who can do it for them anyway.


The Forgotten Beast
I think that the gym leaders need to kick it up a notch.

I'd love to see the look on that 8-Year-Olds as their Charizard gets pwned by Scarf Heracross Stone Edge. CLASSIC.


<-If only it was red
I personally think that the Elite four was a mess and a pushover this generation. Here are just some thoughts on them:

Aaron: Why the Heck are you using Bug type pokemon? Fire type pokemon can crush them, and half of them were part flying, giving weaknesses to Ice and Rock type moves..

Bertha: Quagisire and Whishcash were the only ones with real defence against a Water type pokemon, but they still could be taken down by a Palkia's Surf.

Flint: What?! He only had 2 fire pokemon. The Rest were Steelix, Lopunny, and Drifblim. Ditch those three and add in another couple Infernapes and Rapidashes why don't ya..

Lucian: Bronzong + Mr. Mime's Barrier/Reflect was probally the best combo yet. Bravo to you Lucian. He was probally the only one who had a pokemon that couldn't be OHKO'd by anything under lv 65.

Cynthia: Good Pokemon, although I would ditch Roserade if I were her, and add in a Gyrados instead.

Okay, now that my ranting is done, you guys all share your thoughts as to what the Elite 4 was lacking, what they did right, and if they were too easy or not.

Aaron: Except, in D/P, there were only 2 fully evolved Fire types, one being Infernape, and Drapion is not Bug-typed. A LOT better in Plat, Scizor > Dustox!

Bertha: She's fine, all E4 members are meant to have a weakness, bt no wonder you ound it easy, if you used Palkia.

Flint: Repeating the same pokemon in the E4 was frowned upon in R/S/G. Tey should have made a normal or flying member, or even rock. But he wasn't easy.

Lucian: Bronzong is a pain.

Cythina: Roserade is a key to her team, as it covers weaknesses, Milotic covers what Gara can. And, Togekiss is in Plat, and its not bad. Also, highest lv E4 ever, lv 66 Garchomp (Semi-Uber) vs 65 starter.


CHG Co-Lead Swampert
They actually kind of were pushovers. In the last 3 gens they were alot harder with stronger pokemon of the same type. However, some of them used pokemon that didn't even seem like the same type. My infernape and swampert kind of just owned them all though. Since infernape was a fighting type it could use close combat along with flamethrower and fire blast. Swampert could use ice beam, earthquake, hydro pump, and Giga Impact so it made it very easy. Some of the E4's pokemon were just a really big pain (Hi Bronzong, Garchomp) -.-. I didnt have to use Dialga though so yeah.


I'd love to see the look on that 8-Year-Olds as their Charizard gets pwned by Scarf Heracross Stone Edge. CLASSIC.

It's all to common really. If only you could see their faces at the end. At least you get to hear "But My Charizard is level 87 and Heracross is a grass type."


i herd u like lazah!
well on the first time i used only this team:

it was easy, but i didnt care at the time, seeming as i had gotten the game the 20th, not its release date in english and was exited to get the national dex pokemon.