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Was the Elite Four a pushover in this generation?

My thoughts on the Elite 4, who I just beat for the 43d time last night-

~Aaron: so bad he doesn't deserve to be commented on. horrible Pokemon choices. my Lv. 50 Staraptor can sweep his entire team
~Bertha: decent. only real problem for me is the Hippowdon.
~Flint: same as Aaron, but it's probably because there are only 2 fire-types in Sinnoh
~Lucian: *applauds* the 1/4 that doesn't suck.
~Cynthia: harder, but she is the champion...
The Elite Four were easier to beat this generation, but I think that is because Pokemon seemed to show up more often than in previous games; resulting in higher level Pokemon when you reached the Elite Four. So the answer is a little bit yes.


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Possibly the easiest E4 in all of the games :)
I had to use like, 1 potion
I beat it on my first try I think


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the alakazam was fast and tough for having a slow team with high atk. but low def.


I'm beating it without legendary pokemon and it's very hard.
My team is

Infernape lv.52
Flame Wheel
Mach Punch
Close Combat
Fire Blast

Floatzel lv.52
Aqua Jet

Machoke lv.48
Cross Chop
Karate Chop
Scary Face (I've just deleted an HM Move)

Luxray Lv.48
Shock Wave
Charge Beam
Thunder Fang

Starapter Lv.51
Close Combat
Aerial Ace
Brave Bird (I love this move lol)

Machop Lv. 16 (who cares. HM Slave)
Rock Climb
Karate Chop (a move that's not an HM =0)
Rock Smash

What do you think I should improve on? Cause the League is giving me trouble especailly Lucian


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You should swap machop with a victory road pokemon


Shauntal, FTW!
Sinnoh's elite four wasn't so hard for me. The only thing that's hard for me is to EV train my pokemon by defeating strong pokemon such as Milotic, Alakazam, and Bronzong.


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I had no trouble but I know a few people in real life who got stuck on them for months. -_-

I'm looking forward to Platinum where the highest lv pokemon with the Champion is lv. 78. Since, the AI is supposed to be better as well, I can only assume that this is going to be a lot of fun. Maybe I should EV train my in-game team this time.

The Tail

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Aaron: too easy
Bertha: well, easy
Flint: easy
Lucian: had a problem with Bronzong, other than that, he was easy
Cynthia: her only hard one IMO is Gastrodon o:

Shiny pokemon lower

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The E4 were easy this time yes. I only had a bit of challenge against Lusian and some more challenge against Cynthia.

scizor master

Put scizor on these!
Flint:fairly easy
Lucian:fairly easy

This elite four was easier than before except cynthia who is the best champion due her mixed team. I really cant belive people had trouble with this.. and i didnt use legandrys or any traded pokemon.


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i agree, cynthia are the best champion we ever had but im still disapointed in Aaron...


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Aaron: Easy
Bertha: Wasn't too hard, Torterra ripped through her
Flint: Infernape was a pain, but the rest were push-overs
Lucian: Another easy victoty
Cynthia: Here's where it gets hard. Took a bit of effort to knock her off, mainly garchomp and milotic were the hard ones

Overall I dont thing the E4 was too difficult to beat


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Here's my thoughts of the elite 4 with my sinnoh post battle zone team
Staraptor LV 90 Attacks: Brave Bird, Roost, Aerial Ace, Drill Peck (chain-bred with Steelix)
Enperuito/Empolion LV 76 Attacks:Drill Peck, Hydro Pump, Aqua Jet, Defog (sucks)
Palkia LV 69 Attacks:Flamethrower, Draco Meteor, Spacial Rend, Surf
Lucario LV 81 Attacks: Nasty Plot (chain bred with chimchar) Aura Sphere, Water Pulse, Dark Pulse
Crobat LV 72 Attacks: Aerial Ace, Air Slash, Extremespeed, Agility
Luxray LV 85 Attacks: Discharge, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Extremespeed

Aaron: Killed w/palkia
Bertha:Killed w/ Lucario
Flint: Killed w/Palkia
Lucian: Killed w/Lucario
Cynthia: Easy, Roserade killed w/palkia, Garchomp killed w/palkia, Milotic owned w/Luxray, Gastrodon destroyed (taught Palkia energy ball), Lucario was hard but he was defeated w/Palkia, Spiritomb killed w/Palkia

Basically a Breeze for me since I killed them on my first try and I only used a max revive on Empoleon (w/Flint's Infernape's Thunderpunch) all it took was a few rival battles and about 30 pokemon (and trainers) in victory road to raise my pokepals to such a fearsome level that even cynthia would beg for mercy at my feet.


The only one I had trouble with was Lucian, as his Bronzong kept taking out my Infernape and his Alakazam managed to pick off what was left. I went back, trained, and KO'ed the thing with Fire Blast in one round. I also managed to beat Cynthia my first time around, although her Milotic proved troublesome. Garchomp was easier to take out than I thought it would be. In general, they were okay, I guess...


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no joke but i beat the elite 4 with my highest level lvl45
Aaron-dont have fire type so i used staraptor. damn drapion took it out-easy
Bertha-owend by torterra-super easy
Flint-I was like WTF he only has 2 fire types. owend by floatzel-moderate easy
Lucian-bit of a challenge but my garcomp pulled through-moderate hard
Cynthia-didnt know she started off spiritomb so he was a bit of a problem. garchomp was HARD eventually beat it with floatzels ice fang-super hard

But yeah.... E4 was pretty easy. The hardest E4 was the kanto E4 in FR/LG with loslorelie, bruno,agatha(pain in the *** ghosts), lance and rival...... ah good ol times.
BTW my old team: starapator,torterra,floatzel,garchomp,luxray,gengar
new team: tyranitar,gengar,kingdra,typhlosion,porygon-z,scizor
Nice huh?
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