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Was the Elite Four a pushover in this generation?

In platinum, all aside of Cynthia were peanuts.
Team (They started out lower in their levels though...) :
- Empoleon Lv:59 (Which breezed through Flint and Bertha)
- Haunter Lv:52
- Houndoom Lv:57
- Geodude Lv:14
- Giratina Lv:49
- Tentacruel (Waterfall slave...) Lv:46

Cynthia was a pain though. I managed to beat her Garchomp solely with my RevivePPStall strategy (Involving roulating and reviving two pokemon over and over to wear the enemy out of PP...It worked..). In the end (And reviveless) I managed to beat her with amazing luck. My empoleon vs. her milotic I think. Both in the red. Milotic goes first, but MISSES. That was so epic... This Elite 4 was nothing compared to the pain it was in Gold...


Absolute Defender
Just played platinum
When facing Flint...

"Magmortar used Thunderbolt!"

I was like, wtf? And my Lumineon died in second.

Im glad I already beat them last week.
Cynthia was the toughest opponent but still easily defeated,
I defeated the elite four using:
All were at lv 60
Aaron: really easy
Bertha:quite easy
Lucian: medium hard, cause i not have ghost/dark pokemon in my party
Cynthia:really hard *i want to kick her Garchomp:p*