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Water montype team: Take two.

Discussion in '1st & 2nd Gen RMT' started by lifesharker, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. lifesharker

    lifesharker Spring-Loaded Fish

    Hello, world! I'm doing a water monotype challenge, and I thought I had my team sorted until just after I beat Price, when I had a major change of heart. I only want 5 pokemon (to leave space for a permanant flyer), but I have 7 to choose from (I could catch and train a Krabby or Chinchou, but too much effort at this point.) So, my seven contenders for the top five places are:

    ;130; Gyarados
    Ice beam

    ;195; Quagsire
    Ancient power

    ;062; Poliwrath
    Mind reader/Hypnosis
    Dynamic punch/Submission
    Ice punch

    ;121; Starmie

    ;131; Lapras
    Ice beam
    Sleep talk

    ;160; Feraligatr

    ;199; Slowking

    Any suggestions for my movesets are welcome, but I'm mainly wondering which 5 should I go with and why?
  2. poke'master

    poke'master Well-Known Member

    Quagsire - You'd be nuts not to use him with his immunity to electricity!!!
    Poliwrath - Strong with his fighting side and option of hypnosis, he's very vercatile and wroth considering
    Starmie - Starmie is great to have with electric and psychic attacks (psychic will eliminate alot of early grass types because most are half poison ^^) however slowking prob has better stats so use either one dependong on who you like more.. its a toss up but i prefer starmie
    Lapras - Lapras is always good, strong ice moves which are always useful, Fair bit of HP to annoy people (like me ><) and the option of sing if your into that.. although it's like 55% accurate so it's up to you
    Feraligatr - Needs a move like surf imo but is good to have with Bite and Slash to shake things up.. He's a personal favourite, or one of, so that might have had an impact on this but he's always reliable.. i tought mine dynamic punch in silver and he was unstopable

    Those are my suggestions.. It's really up to you but i'd go with those. Good luck on your challenge

    EDIT: Please excuse spelling errors, I just finished work and it's 7am
  3. 133tSneasel

    133tSneasel Well-Known Member

    Gyarados: Put Zap-Cannon over Dragonbreath
    Quagsire: That's fine, SludgeBomb can go over Ancient Power
    Poliwrath: Hypnosis, Belly Drum, Submission, Surf or Ice Beam. Belly Drum works well to increase it's attack
    Starmie: Thunder Wave over Psychic
    Lapras: Thunderbolt over Surf
    Feraligatr: Curse, Earhquake, Rock Slide, Hydro Pump

    Drop Slowking, it's slow and special defenses don't matter that much, you might as well use Bro, he can use Zap-Cannon and has better defenses.
  4. mew-the original

    mew-the original Binchsquatch

    yeah ditch Slowking.

    and on Poliwrath, switch surf for something like body slam.
  5. Dragon_Reborn

    Dragon_Reborn Well-Known Member

    All my changes/comments are in bold above.I think you have a pretty good mono water team.Some other good water types to keep an eye out for would be Slowbro,Tentacruel,Cloyster,Lanturn.Slowbro could make a outstanding physical wall for your team.Slowbro's great HP and good special defense allows it to take some special based attacks well too.Tentacruel can make a pretty good special wall that can also dish out some damage as well.With Tentacruel being a poison type too negates out grass weakness.Cloyster makes a good physical wall too and can be used as the only best Spiker in the game.Probably won't be able to take as much special attack hits then Slowbro can.Lanturn is a good electric weakness stopper.Amazingly,he is part electric which shuts down electrics well.Lanturn can also take hits pretty well too since he has high HP stat.Lanturn can make a good "parafusion"pokemon.Thunder Wave and Confuse Ray can mess up some pokemon bad.Here are some moveset for these pokemon if you decide on maybe using a few.

    -Thunder Wave
    Similar moveset to Slowking,but different defense/special defense stats.

    -Sludge Bomb
    -Swords Dance

    -Ice Beam

    -Confuse Ray/Rain Dance/Rest
    -Thunder Wave/Sleep Talk
    Lots of options here.You can use the Sleep Talk moveset,Parafusion(Thunder Wave+Confuse Ray).Also Rain Dance is in there to help Thunder hit 100%.

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