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Water Trainers New Fakemon Thread!

Discussion in 'Fan Sprites' started by water trainer, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. oykawoo

    oykawoo Froslass Lover

    Whats a strance? If you meant stance wich I'm pretty sure you did. Its like that so you can see all the detail better. It wouldnt look that good if it was facing forward.

    Oh and making sure you know I wasnt trying to be rude about the stance strance thing.
  2. Dragotar911

    Dragotar911 Dragos

    hhhmmm...maybe change the tail alittle.....like having miltanks on one, tauros on the other.
    could i help sorta with sugimori and oykawoo, i meant stance, sorry.
    grass starter
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2007
  3. Zephyr Flare

    Zephyr Flare /pose

    Wow there was a good chunk of spam in here.

    People, don't post worthless crap. I don't care if you think "these are the besteste evar!11!1", you're making yourself look like a moron and showing lazines that you cannot even be bothered to post anything useful.

    Probably also not wise to ask "What would you like to see?", that has caused a huge chunk of pointless posts which would have been more suited outside the thread such as pm.

    Though Yami would have been a lot better to just REPORT and let us deal with it, admtitedly you are not helping yourself by answering back which is just enticing flames. You also DID rule break as no where in the Fansprites rules does it say it's acceptable to post artwork. I understand it's related but it's more suited for an area WITH fanart where you can link back here and vise versa. More attention brought to both threads and they get seen.

    Also forum advertising which was in here as well...

    I'm not gonna close though clearing out 14 pages is going to take me a while. However, if all this spam keeps up I will be forced to as I'm not here to keep cleaning up after the stupidity of other members.

  4. splat

    splat Well-Known Member

  5. squirrel boy

    squirrel boy A.K.A. myrandomness

    dang those are wonders!
    make some more!!
  6. SudovVoOdO

    SudovVoOdO The afro is powerful

    Really nice pokemon but if u can take some criticsm: I don't like the legendaries. They look too simple, If I were you I should change them.
  7. oykawoo

    oykawoo Froslass Lover

    Wow splat. I guess he didnt make all his ideas. Sorry Managar.

    Edit: I looked through his posts on here to try and prove his innocense but I couldnt find the bears or Kecleon pre evo. I think Ill check his other topics too...just to be sure.

    Edit again: I searched through his other post but the only thing I found were some Kecleon evos..not pre evos.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2007
  8. water trainer

    water trainer Knuckle Trainer

    Umm if I remember correctly, you asked me to sprite the bears for you.
    And the Kecleon pre-evo has sorta the same shape, I didn't copy it though they look different.
    Sorry Splat, I hadn't given you credit, so heres your credit.
    I'll post on the first page with your credit now.


    Also what's the point in a forum if people can't critique on your work and say that they like them, how are you supposed to know if your work is good or not if your not allowed to say???

    Oykawoo I'll give you proof of the bears, also I have alot of other sprites that no one has seen, my Kecleon pre-evo is one of them.
  9. oykawoo

    oykawoo Froslass Lover

    I dont need proof :D I believe you. It wouldnt make sense for you to just steal a couple concepts and make up the rest yourself.
  10. water trainer

    water trainer Knuckle Trainer

    Thanks, yeah it wouldn't make sense to make up 200 or so of my own then steal 1 of someone elses. the bears are someone elses but they asked me to sprite them.
  11. Polursine

    Polursine Leave my posts alone

    None the less, just put a note that it ain't your concept.
  12. Mechana2412

    Mechana2412 Plasmoid Trainer

    Theres about 150 or so Pokemon on that sprite list there, with tons more not on the list. Theres a 80% chance that atleast one or two will look like a Pokemon that another person made. And how original is it for Kecleon's pre-evo to look like a Chameleon? Honestly, I highly doubt Water Trainer would steal someone's idea/pokemon. The only ones he did sprite that were other people's were the sprites of Pokemon that they asked him to sprite for them(The bears if I read correctly).

    Nonetheless, post credit on the first post so you don't get millions of people telling you to "post tat credit mon" like most other people get.
  13. Nobody's Nerd

    Nobody's Nerd Electric Engine

    Those are incredible! I think the most amazing part is that you could come up with such great ideas.
    Oh, and excuse me for a moment while I say Dang!
    You got to "Medipion" before I could make a sprite of my own Medicham.
    Anyway, that's still an awesome sprite...
  14. icewarlock

    icewarlock Pokemon Master

    Theyre cool

    But why does the second type of the grass and fire starter change as they evovle
  15. alzzy126

    alzzy126 GOLDEN SHINX

    "awesome!!!" i love these sprites especially the evolutions for old pokemon including Medicham Sandslash Seviper (Who now needs a pre-evo) and the Arbok evo that i think should be inbetween ekan and arbok and name it elttarsnak backwards for rattle+snak as in a snak like ratata
  16. Turquoise

    Turquoise Kanto Trainer

    I like most of the stuff, 95%, but some poses are just not right for Pokés, you know? To be honest, I think you should add another link into the Stegrass Line, And make them the Grass starters.
  17. jlog3000

    jlog3000 New Member

    So this is the first set of WaterTrainer's Fakedex. All of them look legit, especially the fan-based Types of Light, Gem, Dino and Air. Hopefully, any of those should be on future generations of the real games of the Pokemon franchise, with Fairy being the newest up-to-date.
  18. Radrobin25

    Radrobin25 New Member

    These sprites NEED to have a pokemon rom hack! I love all the birds, because Birds are my favorite and are awesome! Also the delibird evolutions are nice, you nailed it!
  19. TBRandOn

    TBRandOn New Member

    hi, I was looking through and found your fakedex, I was amazed by the colors and quantity of fakemon you had, but it almost as if the images are blocked or blurred out, I really wish I could see them so I could get some ideas for my own and maby give you some of my feedback, so it would be great if you could message me back and show me around this.

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