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Weakest Region Team


I think this will go down as Ash's Weakest team over all the four regions if had to rank in order of strength it would be.

3. Jotho
4. Sinnoh


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I think:

Shadow XD001

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I think it is:
1- Kanto
2- Sinnoh
3- Hoenn
4- Johto


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I think:
1. Kanto (we all agree on this)
2. Sinnoh (while I view corphish and buizel as pretty much equal, Monferno is the reason I think Ash's Sinnoh team is slightly better than his Hoenn)
3. Hoenn (while I like torkoal, it's no where near what Monferno is... And Ash needed a sixth Poke long before he caught snorunt)
4. Johto (the thing that kills Ash's Johto team in my mind was that Donphan wasn't evolved in the Silver Conference and he was working with half of his team as NFE)


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I think it's stupid to judge his Sinnoh team before the season is over. Who knows what will happen to it before the end


That why it said I think it will not will


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Kanto in first place? I love Bulbasaur, Charizard, Squirtle and Pidgeot just as much as the next guy, but within the context on their initial region they really were nothing compared to Hoenn, or how Sinnoh looks to be.


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OK, my two cents.......

1. Kanto
2. Sinnoh
3. Hoenn
4. Johto
1. Hoenn/AG: This team impressed me the most. Sceptile/Swellow/Corphish/Donphan/Glalie...heck even Torkoal to an extent were all pretty strong. Very solid team, strong pokemon, the Hoenn/AG pokemon are definitely top notch.

2. Kanto and Sinnoh: Both teams tie imo. The Kanto trio and Snorlax have proven to be strong for sure and the Sinnoh team is shaping up well imo. They are up there as well.

3. Johto: While Heracross and to an extent, Bayleef, are capable in battle and have proven their strength...Cyndaquil/Totodile/Noctowl, imo, are the more weaker pokemon in Ash's team. Thus, the Johto team is the weakest region team for me.
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1. Kanto
2. Hoenn (at the moment)
3. Sinnoh - it soon will be number 2 hopefully
4. Johto - poor johto you had so much potential nd look what they did to you


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1. Kanto
2. Hoenn
3. Shinnoh
4. Jotho

There's nothing better than sticking with the team closest to home... or having a combination of #'s 1, 2, and 3 for his team.

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Ill judge:
1. Kanto - if the whole team was together at full strength(Pidgeot included) we have a winner.
2.Hoenn - it was extremely balanced and could attack and defend.
3. Sinnoh - I wont judge just yet, but has number two potential.
4. We all hate Johto apparently, and this squad dosent have much on the others, if any.


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Keep in mind, Kanto is when Ash began his adventure.

So it says alot for the other Regions.