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Weakest type


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Normal because it has no advantage over anything except ghost which is more of a neutrality.
Normal would be weakest if the didn't have so many stab moves. I'd have to say it's Bug simply because the Fire and Rock moves are very common. And they tend to be fragile (with afew exceptions).


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Normal because it has no advantage over anything except ghost which is more of a neutrality.
it only has 1 weakness and it's attacks are good.


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They all have their dis-advantages and advantages. I am wondering why the ones who said poison, didn't say dragon though. They both are super effective against one, weak to 2 (not sure if it's 3 or not for poison), and both have some good number of resis. It's just the dragon pokemon uberlific stats that makes dragon strong. It;s so funny that people understand the question "weakest type" as "type with thr weakeast pokemon."

Mr. BrickaBracka

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poison offensively. toxic is usable by so many other types too. Rock defensively. they have weaknesses to all the most common attack types. not to say either one can't overcome their shortcomings. of course, thats like the point of the game almost...


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I'd say Poison-. Only lands a super-effective hit on Grass-types, and has a weakness to Ground-, a really common type.


Don't Bother None
Eh I'd say grass. Just kind of an opinion. They just seem... lame.

Razor Shiftry

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offensively, Poison. Defensively? I'd say Ice. Fire, Fighting, Rock and even Steel! the most defensive type! yeaaah....
Bug beats grass, and I just beat my ARing cousin who had a team of Giratinas that only knew ghost type moves with my Unfeasant, so normal's not bad either, so I'd have to go with Rock. Not too useful, and there's not many good rock types. Even in the uber tier, the only rock legendary that comes to mind is Regirock... I'm definitely forgetting *someone*, but it's not as popular as say, flying or psychic.


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Either Bug or Poison


Robo-Cascoon's angry

=> Weak to Rock, Ice and Electric. Extremely common types offensively.

=> Lack of reliable STAB. Brave Bird is strong, but the recoil is dangerous to the ever fragile type, and Air Slash isn't that strong, and has hindered Accuracy


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Fire .

Weakness to Water , Ground and Rock . Extremely Common Types , Except Rock .