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Weather and why NOT to be afraid

Chrono Mew

Many people think since there are is bad weather such as Hail tha they will get severely hurt. This is NOT true. This is why.

Hail comes on some dungeons such as Frosty Forest and Mt. Faraway. Hail hits every 5 or 6 spaces. But as you walk you will get healed in dungeon. Hail only hits you by 5. You will either gain lose 5 and gain 1 or just gain 5 lose 5. Hail does not kill you or severely hurt you. Unless you have low HP to begin with. The enemys arnt a big problem in Hail but be weary.

Its basicaly the same as hail 5 or 6 steps and get hurt when you step.

This DOES work even when you attack.​


Well-Known Member
It's more annoying then harmful once your HP is high enough, since having to see your Pokemon get hit every five steps slows you down a lot.