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Weather or No Weather

Discussion in 'Older Gens' started by Easter Egg, Jan 22, 2012.


Weather or no weather?

  1. I like weather teams better than teams with no weather.

    71 vote(s)
  2. I like teams with no weather better than ones with weather.

    101 vote(s)
  1. Easter Egg

    Easter Egg i haz gud grammer

    Do you enjoy teams more with weather (rain, sandstorm, sun, etc.) or no weather?
  2. Dragonicwari

    Dragonicwari Artistically angry

    I think both styles are good, however the bonus of weather is, if your opponent needs a specific weather, having your own weather up instead can mess them up badly
  3. BGP_

    BGP_ qt 3.14

    I like hail teams. The other 3 can fluff off
  4. Asbestospoison

    Asbestospoison Excellent Driver

    I honestly prefer non-weather in most tiers, w/ the exception being subseed ludicolo in the rain.
  5. Romeo32

    Romeo32 Rock n' Roll Rebel

    I'm neutral on this, I tend to use non weather teams but in ubers I use sand
  6. thatjeremykid

    thatjeremykid .Memento.Mori.

    i like sandstorm. trying out sunny day, but i don't think it's my thing. my current team doesn't use weather though. i have multiple teams actually.
  7. 123fakestreet

    123fakestreet Metalopolis King

    Definitely no. I don't like how things become reliant on the chosen weather and that once it is eliminated the team suffers. In ubers don't run a weather team and I quit OU in gen 5 because of the over reliance on weather. I am having fun in the lower tiers and Ubers without weather thank you very much :)
  8. Gray™

    Gray™ Well-Known Member

    weather is pretty much the reason why bw is so bad compared to the previous gens
    so gotta say no weather
  9. NeohopeSTF

    NeohopeSTF Sol Badguy

    Weather tends to be more fun to do and more fair against other weather teams.
  10. Archstaraptor

    Archstaraptor devolved.

    The biggest problem with weather is that it can give non-weather users(like myself)a massive disadvantage.
    It was OK when you actually needed a turn to set up,but with Generation V, Drizzle-swift swim combos etc. have made things too easy for other people to ruin you from the very start of the first turn :(
    I'd personally like some pokemon that perform better outside of weather.
    Maybe some new weather types would be nice(so it isn't just ice,water, grass and fire types getting all the benefits.
    Otherwise,I hate them.
  11. overlordmewtwo

    overlordmewtwo Supreme Overlord

    For me, weather is kind of an either-or situation. I have my weather teams (although I don't use them that often), but I oftentimes prefer no weather. And I especially dislike it when people do typical weather teams, not putting any uniqueness to it. I try to put something unique in each of my weather teams.
  12. girazard

    girazard IT'S A TRAP!!!

    I like it. Not in favour of other team styles, but with four different perma-weathers available, there, at least in theory, twelve more viable playstyles. And I don't think by not having a weather inducer on your team you have sucha massive disadvantage as some people have suggested.
  13. I prefer no weather but sometimes I'll use it.
  14. tbh, no weather is just better and much more creative.
  15. irock245

    irock245 She wants it

    I don't have anything against weather, but it's annoying to see almost every team use weather. I personally make a bunch of non-weather teams, and they do well against weather teams. Sometimes I'll make a weather team, but I never keep it around for long.
  16. floatzel98

    floatzel98 → s o a r i n g

    Without weather you can be more creative with your teams and it's more fun.
  17. Zachmac

    Zachmac Crystalline Guardian

    Exactly. Back in fourth gen, I loved weather, and kabutops. I used weather in almost every team, actually. When I saw DW Politoed and Vaporeon, I was thrilled.

    Now, I'm sick and tired of it. It's everywhere. I'll try a sandstorm team sometimes, though, since that's a little more flexible.
  18. Romeo32

    Romeo32 Rock n' Roll Rebel

    Oh my god no I the blizzard spam
  19. Cometk

    Cometk west side

    shitty weather teams rely on their own weather and don't function if they don't have it.

    that's why i use weather to counter other weathers.
  20. zerofield

    zerofield i miss miror

    My latest couple teams haven't had weather, but I don't have anything against it o3o

    edit: rank up C:

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