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Web Design General Tips

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I had using these most three point for all my web-design projects. First one is You have to use Neat and Easy Navigation: Navigation of links on your site plays a big role in determining the stickiness of your site. Then second one is Clean Layout Design: A clean layout that uses a lot of white space enhances a site's looks. Try to keep the focus on your content, use dreamweaver templates for this. And last is, which very Important, Program using pure CSS: The world is moving away from table based websites to pure CSS websites because it offers accessibility, reusability and considerably reduces file size apart from giving greater control over the look of your website.


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Learn HTML before ANYTHING. XHTML will come to you with ease. Then learn PHP. Then save C and C++ for last (most difficult)


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The points which have discussed by all members above here are really interesting.Few more tips which I want to add here are:
Design is linkbait
Have great linking with footers
Keep a horizontal directory structure
CSS image replacement


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News Letter help

Hey i just started building a website and my "client" say's that she want's to send a newsletter out to subscribers.
My question is what system would be best for that ?


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Web designing should be neat and clear as it is very much necessary for the promotion of the services,it should by only create by the experts only, here are some of the web designing tips are it should be neat and clear, make the correct use of the color and many more.


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Thanks sharing best tips For Web Design. It is best tips for me. Here i sharing something more about web design. There's practically an unlimited amount of resources available on the web for the entire Adobe/Macromedia suites. I'd recommend trying some of the tutorials available at the following web site:
Never use Webs. Ever. EVER EVER EVER. Or Piczo. Or any site builder, really. HTML isn't that hard to grasp, get the basic idea, use simple templates (Non-styled ones) at first until you become skilled enough to make your own... and soon you have learned HTML and CSS moderately well.


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Wow a lot of web haters here...there isn't anything wrong with webs. It's good for the basics that I use. I do change the backgrounds and banners from time to time
Following are some web design tips:
1. One should have good knowledge of it.
2. The site must not be costly or goody.
3. The site must contains all the required topics.
4. The site must be attractive.


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Good method for learning:
  1. Create a basic site with no formatting
  2. Create a table and do basic formatting
  3. Change to div tags and CSS
  4. Learn PHP
  5. Use PHP to create header and footer files with the CSS link in them
A lot of people here have asked HTMLBasicTutor for advice in the background here at v7n and you could do a lot worse than to learn from this team. I know because I can personally vouch for their services and help.


Wow a lot of web haters here...there isn't anything wrong with webs. It's good for the basics that I use. I do change the backgrounds and banners from time to time
i agree, even though i may look noob sometimes... having things on webs
it can still be very handy
and its a great place for those who cannot spend actuall money on it all​


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I have an idea to start a webpage for comic characters and for the start I believe that this thread will be really useful. I went through from top to bottom and I can say that most of the posts are really effective.
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