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Webmaster Discussion Suggestions

Discussion in 'Webmasters & Websites' started by Mystical-Lugia, May 30, 2004.

  1. Hey everyone, hope your enjoying the Webmasters discussion. It's so far proving to be a great place - with the odd advertising forum topic out of the way, we're doing well to make this place great :)

    As you've already seen - we've had a "Website Hosts" sticky which has proved to be very successful. But there may be a few more stickies on the way. Delivering top notch help and fun. But before they're posted - I want YOUR verdict..

    PiPikachu recently suggested having a "Free Online Gaming" sticky where users can post free gameing websites, and I could select "Great Games of the Week!" It sounds like a great idea, but I'll need your opinions on whether it'll work.

    There may also be a free image host topic coming soon - but whether it happens is up to you. If you have any further ideas on what you'd like to see, post them here. Approve or just hate the above ideas? Make sure you let me know.

    Suggestions are welcomed with open arms - so get posting ;)
    Thanks for reading and I look forward to any replies I get.
  2. "Free Online Gaming" Sticky Rating:
    This I highly agree on. This would be a great idea... I have a whole plethora of free gaming websites...and even an MMORPG...

    "Image Host Topic" Sticky Rating:
    This is absolutely necessary...with all the n0-*ahem*, newbs asking for image hosts, this'll be their saviour. Of course, I don't think I would be able to provide the best, but eh...
  3. Carlos

    Carlos Guest

    Sounds nice, specialy the image one. I have no suggestions on which other topics to add but this is a nice forum.
  4. Nook29

    Nook29 Guest

    Those sound like good ideas! I don't think much needs to be done here, but a few extras would be nice! ;)
  5. Simone

    Simone Guest

    I like all those ideas, i'm the mod for Webmaster Discussion on PC. And so far ML, you are doing a fan bloody tastic Job ^^'.. Don't worry i won't steal your ideas :p. But the image hosting i think would be a great idea since alot of people like to host pictures on the website, but don't know the place to do it.

    On the free gaming site of things, are you talking about like RPG game across the internet?
  6. We could have a thread that you can ask other people to affliate with other people of websites.That would spread the people that look at your website because with someone that has a good reputation affliates with a person who isn't popular,the person without popularity would have more people than usual viewing their site...

    The online game:http://www.runescape.com/
  7. Simone

    Simone Guest

    My little brother plays that game XD. Also, i think that would be a good idea. But i can't accept anymore affys. I already have enough. But to affy with me you have to get the same ammounts as hits as i do (about 600 unique a day).
  8. The Admiral

    The Admiral solid state survivor

    You mean... you own them, or jsut know about them. I like both ideas, but the image-host topic will be a real lifesaver once my Walagata and Photobucket accounts fill up...
  9. Arashi, you misunderstood. I have a whole LIST of them XD
  10. Thanks for all your comments everyone, keep them coming! They're greatly appreicated :)

    Due to popular demand, I'm going to open up an "Image Hoster" sticky any second now. Chances are by the time your reading this, it'll up. Remember - at the moment, you influence what comes up and what doesn't. If you have any other ideas that'll get the popularity of the Webby forum even higher. Post them here, I read all of the comments that are made.

    Thanks again, and feel free to make as many suggestions as you wish.
  11. Sobear FC3S

    Sobear FC3S Guest

    I love the games sticky idea. I used to play a lot of them. Widdled down to like, two or three now, and that's even on an on-off basis. Sucks only having the internet at work, and trying to maintain a site as well as a job. XD
  12. Nightwing

    Nightwing World's Greatest

    i got a website www.bdome.net but it don't work i need a layout, background, button, banner, and something else i like the layout metel like vroad but different and i need it for free somebody help me
  13. azngirlLH

    azngirlLH Battle Pyramid Champion

    I was wondering, should there be a thread for search engines? 'Cause I really want to add mines to some few search engines... I added my site to google and yahoo, but I doubt they'll ever put it on.
  14. Kamairie

    Kamairie Guest

    Maybe there could be a sticky thread for all the different websites of Serebii members. Don't have to be Pokemon . . .
    It would save some of the 'Check out my site!' threads popping up. Also, one for staff requests may be helpful too.
  15. I myself don't understand why we can't post forums....
  16. Kamairie

    Kamairie Guest

    Probably because THIS is a forum . . . T.T;
  17. Virtual Headache

    Virtual Headache *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

    huh, this thread is old but I have another suggestion:
    what about a "tips on promoting your website/forum" sticky?
  18. JKaizer

    JKaizer Ready for a new day

    How about we get a mod in here to actually trim down the useless stickies?
  19. smiley

    smiley Guest

    There would be no need for this board to exsixst if the Check out my site posts wern't here
  20. Virtual Headache

    Virtual Headache *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

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