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Webmaster Discussion Suggestions

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Not to mention during the purge, the mod is now a guest. >_>


Ready for a new day
Hey, Dragonfree, you gonna rewrite the rules?

If so, reclarify the no forum links rule, and perhaps add forum portals to it? (Sites that just link to forums)

Jake Dragon

Dragon KungFu Master
There should be a thread where people who can free host others can post there services and people who want free hosting can find them.

Virtual Headache

Charizard186 said:
I have checked it, there are free hosts but no one has offered theirs.
There was actually someone offering free hosting, but it's closed now (http://serebiiforums.com/showpost.php?p=1415238&postcount=73).
From what I've seen most people here are only hosted on free hosts themselves and if they are not, they proably just can't afford hosting other people.


Just me
What's the point? o.o The sig test thread is there to ask so your sig won't get deleted and you'd lose your tags and everything. Here it won't hurt to just try and post it, and it may or may not end up closed.


hooray, it's Jetx!
However dragonfree, we're only allowed one thread a month, so if we post one and it isn't good enough and improves over the month we can't make a new one. So if we think it's good enough and it isn't, even if we improve it we have another month to wait. That goes to you both, that's why I'm not letting Bling make a thread about our site yet...


I <3 Buoysel
Um why in the world is post count off???


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This is the webmaster discussion thread right? For anything webmaster related?

Yeah well, is there a site with the name "Vermillion City" taken? I figured that would be a swell name for a poke site I'm making. Or how about "Raichu's Vermillion City"?


I <3 Buoysel
If you want to make sure you have a name that no one else has, pick a name like Megapokeplushieland XD


Just needs a guitar.
That name is waaay long, Agent. But it is a good choice.....

Yeah, Vermillion City DOES seem obivous that it could have been taken....

Some more ideas:
1. Pika Clan's Habitat
2. Raichu's Habitat
3. Raichu City

I suck at names......


I <3 Buoysel
Raichu City >>>>>>>>>>> all the other ideas you had.

The name Megapokeplushieland is supposed to be long dude... it captures the essence of the site.

Actually it was just the first thing that popped into my head.


Just needs a guitar.
I don't see what theme the name gives it actually, but it's your choice.

Edit: Your site name, that is.
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