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Wednesday: Possible Game? + Game Mechanics Updated


The Chords of Steel
Could it be some sort of Pokemon Colosseum sequel?? Judging by Umbreon and Espeon being there. If it is a console battling game...pleasee, let it be a little more like Stadium!


Well-Known Member
I wouldn't be so sure that it's too late for a sequel to XD: Gale of Darkness. The gap between Pikmin 2 and 3 is about the same. Luigi's Mansion (another Gamecube title) is only now getting a sequel. I hope it's a console RPG or a Stadium game. And by Stadium game I mean like Stadium 1 or 2. Not that abysmal Battle Revolution crap.


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Pikmin is the pet project of Nintendo's idea golden goose, was represented heavily in a major multi-franchise game and had both of its titles re-released for the Wii in the last few years. Colosseum/XD cannot claim any of that.

They could announce Orre 3: Return to Dark and Moody tomorrow and this would all be rendered moot, but The fact that nothing even remotely related to Orre has since been seen or heard from in the slightest is not indicative of a side series they intend to continue.

And even if it were a similarly-designed RPG title, it would purposely be as watered down as the Orre titles were. They've said over and over that we will never see a fully-featured game, comparable to a core title, for a console.


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I guess it's Pokémon Mystery Dungeon? possibly but I see a different game is likely to be for Nintendo WII U Battle Revolution style that I see, if it really is a game

I leave a large image in a different color

So, a Mystery Dungeon was the confirmed game? I am kind of disappointed, not because of Mystery Dungeon. It's the fact that we have to wait until next year maybe, for a new console battling game.
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The Master
While I seriously am extremely excited for a new mystery dungeon, I am dissapointed about the extreme limitation to character selection. While I understand including pikachu and the most recent starters, why axew? And why just the 5 of them? May I remind everybody that its predecessor had more than 4x the possible playable characters?


Was definitely disappointed today. I was hoping for a new battle style game, but then I realized, black and white 2 are coming out next month, so a battle game this early after the release of the two sequels is very unlikely. There has to be at least 6-8 months inbetween for us to be into the games before a new game is coming out. So imma still hold out hope that we will see a new 3D battle game in early-mid 2013