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Weird Happenings Thread

Arena Tycoon Slaking

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Her Is A Place To Say Any Strange Things You Encountered In MD, Ranger Or Trozei Heres Two Of My Own:

1. On MD It Says Xatu Looks Into The Sun All Day But Later In The Game When You Unlock Deoxys Dungeon It Says Xatu Was Down At Pokemon Square Shopping

2. I Encountered A Rescue Mission Saying For Me To Deliver A Grass Gummi To A Gloom But The Reward Was A Grass Gummi


Kyokudo <33
a weird thing that happened to me was when I stole rom a kecleon stall and walked around hoping to recruit one,then walked in a room and there was like 50 of them,good thing I had heat wave^^


Better then you
Weird thing happened to me today. I was rescueing someone in Northern Range and this Xatu used Teleport. It teleported right next to me when it was already next to me in the first place. I laughed so hard.
Steped on warp pad, warped on anpther warp pad, and another, than 1 step from the stairs.
I accidently hit a kecleon and he started to follow me.

Then in Wish cave, a Kecleon I accidentaly attacked me but I killed it with my pass scarf.
I wonder what would happen if I had the went and stolen from the unguarded stall?
ON monday, I was in wish cave ,trying to run away from a rhydon.I walked
into a keckleon shop and when i got out,it started following me,killing pokemon
until i got to the next floor.


. . .
Today I did a resuce misson. I had to rescue a Cacturne. Turns out the Pokemon that told me thanks was a Cacturne, also. o_o;

Shadow of Absol

Silent Shadow
I don't know if it's very uncommon for this to happen, but I was in Joyous Tower whenever I went through a set of stairs and landed right into a monster house in the next room. I know monster houses are common in that place, but as soon as I walked through the stairs it had happened, so that wasn't cool... lol :p


herd u liek mudkips?
Xatu looks into the sun all day. Why hasn't it gone blind?

Articuno knew Powder Snow when I battled it the second time, when I defeated it, it joined me, and then it didn't know Powder Snow. Several bosses don't know attacks that they used against me. Mind you, they used these attacks in the battle I recruited them in.

After Latios steals the TMs, Purple Kecleon still sells TMs.

I stepped on a Warp Trap, right next to the stairs. I tried another way, another Warp Trap. Eventually, I learned that the stairs were surrounded by Warp Traps. I had to Escape Orb out of there. How is this possible? Surely the game would make some accesible way to the stairs.

Then again, I could've Warped onto the stairs, or eaten enough Gummis so that the traps didn't work against me. But I would have gotten blown out of the dungeon before I warped enough times to land on the stairs (Or be very, very, lucky and warp onto them before I would be blown out), and I didn't have any gummis.


Glitch Hunting Freak
I had to give a graveler a gravelrock, maybe a chunk of him fell off and needed replaced with another rock...


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On floor 1 of Purity Forest I stole an Apple and 7 Gravelrocks and when i used Teleport I was in the room with the stairs!


Zigzagoon luv
Entei wanted to join me so I let It, And When I went to visit Entei to give gummies, he wasn't there, while Suicune (Who I haven't recruited yet) was.

When I went to battle Ho-Oh the second time, I had two other Raichus with me and Ho-Oh Joined!

In Wish Cave I met a Kyogre that was like, lv. 45 because I did about 300 damage to it with bullet seed and it didn't die.


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Gosh, i've had an incredibly normal playing experience for over 150 gaming hours.

Wierd Happenings...

I was training Shuppet and we got seperated, so I just dug into a wall as it wondered the maze, I held down A+B and it trained itself. XD