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Weirdest image involving Pkmn you've visualized


*Melody ~+~ Harmony*
So, yeah, what's the weirdest stuff you've seen in your head involving Pkmn?

Just recently I had this weird image of a Deoxys and a Smergle duking it out Matrix-style in the Lyra Forest (from Pkmn Ranger). T'was pretty darn strange, especially once they started doing back-flips and summoning weapons out of thin air (Deoxys because he can do that, Smergle by drawing).

Anyone else have any interesting images/scenes they've thought of?


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I once dreamt that a Charmeleon was eating a Caterpie. I used to have a picture of it as my sig.


The prey bites back!
i had a wierd dream that i capture an absol and used it to take over the world but the got my *** kicked by naruto it was freaky


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Every time one of my pokemons breeds with a ditto i get weird images.


After accidently chancing upon some Pokeporn (Google filters suck) I've had some pretty weird images.

Hyper Shadow

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Hyper Shadow

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It's not.
10 char limit


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It's not pokeporn (is worst).

When i saw this old man is spying the girls inside the Celadon Gym, he seems odd...


Hear the VTEC roar!
machamp plus 4 females