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Weirdest trade you've done in the GTS

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation V Discussion' started by DarkDjango, Oct 24, 2011.

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  1. DarkDjango

    DarkDjango Member

    Title says it all.
    GTS Negotiations too.
    Just a few minutes ago I traded a Non-EVed Non-Shiny Non-Female LVL 1 Tepig for a Shiny Quagsire...
  2. Madden610

    Madden610 Active Member

    Random Zorua with 1 in all IVs for a 31 all Ivs Conkeldurr Brave. Felt kind of bad for the person on the other end but I lost the ability to care now.
  3. Calico Indians

    Calico Indians Primeval brute.

    Welp, the other day I traded a Reshiram for an Espeon over the GTS.. but it turned out to be Japanese w/ Magic Bounce, so I was rather pleased. :D
  4. SajiNoKami

    SajiNoKami Faint Strategist

    lv 1-9 Oshawotts for:
    Lv 85 Umbreon
    Lv 5 Espeon
  5. Ces

    Ces Well-Known Member

    I've actually ad pretty normal gts trades, granted I don't use it that much. For example, I mainly use it to find pokemon that evolve by trading or version exclusives.
  6. Guywhoiam

    Guywhoiam Dr. Researcher Man

    I got a shiny Whismur for a regular Stunfisk.
  7. yanmegy423

    yanmegy423 Litwick-KAWAIIDESU!

    I got a shiny zorua for a female tepig. Rather pleased :D.
  8. Poke_Mania97

    Poke_Mania97 God of Fire

    Normal GTS: i put a lv1 tepig for a LV100 JAPANESE ZEKROM O: and its proper legit!

    Negotiations: Somebody gave me this hacked porygon-z shiny lv100..... but i didnt know at the time. so i offered that and got a LV100 JAPANESE GROUDON :D

    But i do feel a little sorry for the person who gave me the groudon, but it wasn't my fault cause i didnt know!

    And the person with the zekrom must have been desperate
  9. Sir Spacebar

    Sir Spacebar Time to change fate!

    Level 1 Treecko for a Latios Legit
  10. floatzel98

    floatzel98 → s o a r i n g

    i traded a lv. 35 axew for a lv.95 haxorus.
  11. I put a random Musharna, I got a shiny Reuniclus
  12. Qmaz246

    Qmaz246 Disney Trainer

    I traded a Ho-oh for a Tornadus. I didn't need the Ho-oh, and it was already in my pokedex.
  13. Shine

    Shine Psyched Up Staff Member Moderator

    legit RNG-ed shinies with 4 egg moves, for something literally worthless, like a Horsea or a Magikarp of any gender & any level

    and it already happens FOUR times. In fact that's how I got my shiny Drifloon, Barboach, Corsola, and Sableye.

    The Drifloon, Corsola, and Sableye also comes with DW ability.
  14. yeah, I heard all your tales

    oh, almost forgot, shiny Skuntank for an Axew, and shiny manaphy for a tornadus
  15. Shine

    Shine Psyched Up Staff Member Moderator

    lol, for me at least, "tales" implies it's not true, when in reality it's true :p
    and yeah you knew about it, but that doesn't mean I can't post it here~

    anyway, I just remember, two weeks ago someone offered a DW Skarmory (which I didn't have yet at that time) for a Giratina, so just for fun I look for Giratina offers, and found a lv 76 one that requests something I couldn't remember anymore, but it's definitely not a legendary, and it's at any level & any gender. Took the Giratina offer, then trade the Giratina away for the Skarmory :D
  16. Geekachu

    Geekachu _____________

    I recall getting a Lv100 shiny Darkrai for something like a Zekrom (I think).

    It was probably hacked, but I was rather happy.
  17. Divisible by Waffle

    Divisible by Waffle Smörgåsbord Rotunda

    I once saw a shiny Pachirisu on offer for a lvl100 Skiploom, so I quickly trained up my Hoppip and went back, it was still there, traded it. Pretty awesome :D
  18. 2rsa

    2rsa Shiny Hunter

    I got mat's DW Arceus for That psychic pig(sorry for not remembering the name:D).
  19. baros1

    baros1 Active Member

    Got Latias, Jirachi, Kyogre and Reshiram offering Chanseys or Hippopotas Lvl.1 and a Shiny Venomoth sending an ordinary Illumise
  20. the ash man83

    the ash man83 Avid TCG Fan

    once traded a maikarp lvl 35 for a spiritomb lvl 65. poor fellow.
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