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Weiss schwarz: project diva deck


Kanto Region Champ
I recently got into Weiss Schwarz over the summer first by buying a fate/zero and diva starter decks, from there I liked the challenge of making diva work and decided to buy into it. So being 2 and 1/2 boxes into the set and having a majority of my deck built I decided to build something that I have been looking at for awhile but haven't been able to build until I recently got the card needed to do so. Mind you this is just a bunch of odds and ends.

Lv 0 -12 (kinda low but whatever)
4 hatsune mike "solitude"
1 hatsune miku "goddess"
4 hatsune miku "rin chan's #1 fan"
1 megurine luka "Resort bikini"
2 "never ending song" hatsune miku

Lv 1 -9
4 kagamine rin "transmitter" (Disruption is key)
2 megurine luka "racing swimsuit"
3 megurine luka "light & casual"

Lv 2 -14 (this is where this deck just explodes)
4 kagamine rin "append"
3 kagamine len "starmine"
2 megurine luka "Amour"
2 glasses (no meiko)
1 weekender girl
2 kagamine rin "scissors"

Lv 3 - 5(low as well)
2 megurine luka "orginal"
3 kagamine rin "original"

4 remote controller
4 Fire@flower

So the overall deck strategy is to start with solitude into never ending song and rin chans #1 fan, this deck isn't meant to win to many battles in the first 2 levels just to have options to build large hands and or and have enough attackers to build stock until you hit lv 2, by then your deck explodes having early options to Lv 3's through the 4 kagamine rin append into original which original heals and deals more dmg off of less stock, forcing the deck to burn through stock for glasses and weekenders for dual options from the deck and early on de-compression from never ending song from the waiting room. Then for extra dmg you have 3/4 kagamine len "starmine" (at all three played out with kagamine len "scissors" on the back stage and the single hatsune miku "goddess" with fire@flower lets you hit for a disgusting 25000 dmg max). And since fire@flower is only 4 of in your deck you also have the option of remote controller and kagamine rin "transmitter" returning cards from the stage to your opponents hand clearing the way for lv 3's to hit for massive soul dmg.

Though I doubt that it can win tournaments, and it does deal absolutely crushing dmg, it was just this weird idea in my head, peace.