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Welcome Back?


Fierce Kanto King
Names Calarus and just saying hi to Serebii once again cause well, let me just say that I know you need me? Pwahahawat? Just saying sup and what nots. I have been gone for about two years and making a transition to 5th Gen. Man I feel so noob for doing this, but hey you gotta try to make friends in this hole huh? Facts about myself; Ex-Smogon Instructor, taught Bulky Offense, Hyper Offense 1 & Hyper Offense 2. Ranked 12th in the Instructor ranks if they still have it up, probably not. I am one of three founding masters of the Dracaena clan you all see here in Serebii and the well known Tribal Savages clan, that is currently closed at the moment due to some one messing it up. <_< and of course I am well known for "The Notorious Tribal Lead Machamp."
Well I am back and ready to make a rufus, so I hope you all ready for a good time cause the one and only KANTO KING is back to start a devastation of fun. PM me if I know any of you, cause chances are you who I have known here are probably dead or gave PKMN up. Newbies, come and say hi, I don't bite that hard, just a lil nibble here and there for the heck of it. Now without further a due, I would like to say the motto.. erhem.. ONLINE PKMN BATTLING IS SERIOUS BUSINESS!!!! Laters Bishes.
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Disney Trainer
Well, Its great to know somebody is back. Make sure to re read the rules, you may have forgotten something..


Welcome back to sppf!

If you need any help or just want a friend feel free to ask me.



Fierce Kanto King
Well if you were in smog on you would of known that I was banned and erased due to my attitude and the quote that is said to you know you erhem "fawk your site, chur homo boyfriend and all y'all loose whipped instructors cause I am still high and flying like the *** out of gods cawk" bam that is word amen. Pwahahahaha hahahaha!!!
Yo Calarus, I'll let you finish but your smogon profile has no posts!

Was I the only person that thought of this guy when I read this? COME ON! LOL

It's nice to see you are still as cocky as ever and haven't changed a bit...