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Welcome to Teara Region (Dex)

Discussion in 'Fan Sprites' started by thedudemister, Sep 5, 2009.

  1. madisoncm

    madisoncm Bronzong hugs!

    Hmm....many of the sprites lok familier. You didn't steal them, did you?
  2. Growlachu

    Growlachu Well-Known Member

    [rant]I've been watching and working on the project along with many others for a long time. I can say for all of us that these are all custom by the workers on the project. Unless you have solid proof don't even think about saying that!*pant pant pant* *growl*[/rant]

    Sorry. Just a little cranky and what I stated is true.

    [comment+crit]Ok. This is much better than the first days of the project. BTW I'm so glad you scrapped Dement. He scraed me. LOL. Keep working hard and I promise I will help out more.[/comment+crit]
    That concludes our post.


    Actually that concludes our post. The next lines after this are the conclusion.

  3. Comments above.
  4. Thanks for all of the crit. but like I mentioned before do not crit. me on the sprites with a red backround because I already know the flaws in them.

    Thanks everyone else for your comments.

    Umm..madisoncm.. Where did you see these sprites? If a user by the name of Pringer X or Dasdoodmiester had them then that is fine, those are all me. If not then someone must have stolen the sprites.

    Anyways...some more re-sprites. C+c please.
  5. Hyper Stan

    Hyper Stan Hmmph

    love the new psychic legend sprite, the last one was to "Psycho" but it looks like a mice, dropped the moon btw?
    on the penguin, poosibly add some white on the belly
    and i believe people tried to give critic on the cobalt forums, there just werent enough of us
    all in all its as always great

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