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Welcome to the new Serebii.net Forums

Discussion in 'Serebii.net Discussion' started by Serebii, Mar 26, 2018.

  1. keepitsimple

    keepitsimple Health Nut

    I'll miss the trainer ranks too even though they aren't really needed
  2. Hydrohs

    Hydrohs 安らかに眠ります、岩田さん。 Staff Member Super Mod

    No news on styles right now.
  3. Pikasaur

    Pikasaur So Fluffy

    It was mostly a reward for posting a lot. In my opinion anyway
  4. Bguy7

    Bguy7 The Dragon Lord

    That was one of my biggest problems with the new layout. Everything looks so much better now. Thanks.
  5. Pokegirl Fan~

    Pokegirl Fan~ "Christina"

    Are there any plans to enable or use an add on to bring back bb codes for profile messages?
  6. raichu27

    raichu27 Well-Known Member

    Why are the Gen 1 & 2 boards shared rather than separate now?
  7. Nutter t.KK

    Nutter t.KK can Mega Evolve!

    To put simply: It was very slow in those forums. I think we had about 10 post a month at best. We also had individual Game Subforums which also got merged at the same time. This was done years before the RBY Virtual Console Release, which made the forums a lot more popular since.
  8. Wishmaker Latias

    Wishmaker Latias Steps to Ascension

    Overall the forum changes seem nice, with the exception of almost everything involving the change in the VM system.
    Some people want View Conversation to return, but I find that omission nothing compared to the absurdly low character limit, like it is not an essay that we need 400 words, but 420 characters, JUST WHY?
    Also the forum codes for spoilers and the like do not work for profile messages anymore, that's also a big loss, will that ever get fixed?
    keepitsimple and Pokegirl Fan~ like this.
  9. WishIhadaManafi5

    WishIhadaManafi5 Still miss you, Lorne. Staff Member

    Really like the new lay out. It's going to take a bit of getting used to though.
  10. Pokemon Power

    Pokemon Power Well-Known Member

    We got a spammer on the Other Video Game Discussion sub-forum. Filling the front page with their own threads. Not leaving room for any others. They don't even have any English on them. And I think they're advertising colleges, which is completely off-topic. Plus I think the guy is using multiple accounts.
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2018
  11. Bguy7

    Bguy7 The Dragon Lord

    It's everywhere right now. Given the amount of accounts, posts, and the frequency, it's probably a spam blitz from bots.
  12. Pokemon Power

    Pokemon Power Well-Known Member

    Seems there all gone now. Better keep an eye out in case this happens again.
  13. LilligantLewis

    LilligantLewis primarina donna

    The forums aren't functioning properly for me from multiple devices and browsers. All I can do is post. I can't Like, Quote, Edit, or Delete, or click on people's usernames.
    Pokegirl Fan~ likes this.
  14. LilligantLewis

    LilligantLewis primarina donna

    Well clearly @Pokegirl Fan~ is able to Like, so maybe it's just me.
  15. Satomine Night

    Satomine Night The Power of Z!

    I thought I was the only one having this problem and that it was my computer or my internet connection (as I was able to quote a post when I switched to my other computer, which is newer and can run on a higher speed internet). When I tried to quote a post, the forum kept loading and loading...and loading...and loading. I also had trouble viewing my Alerts.
  16. LilligantLewis

    LilligantLewis primarina donna

    Well I'm glad it's not just me. Also, I had to use the Reply option rather than +Quote to quote this, and also, it redirected me to a different page to type this message, not the regular chatbox below the thread.
  17. Rin-chan

    Rin-chan Member

    May I add that replying to visitor messages is nearly impossible unless you open reply in a new tab otherwise it acts like it creates the text area but it is invisible if you try reply normally at least for me only started today. I say nearly as the area is invisible there is a text box and buttons but you can't see them but you can mouse over the buttons and type in the box you just can't see any mistakes or anything at all though.
  18. Hydrohs

    Hydrohs 安らかに眠ります、岩田さん。 Staff Member Super Mod

    What browsers are you guys using, and on what devices?
  19. Pokegirl Fan~

    Pokegirl Fan~ "Christina"

    I think the issue was recently fixed, the forums itself were glitching up. Everything seems to be working fine now though.
  20. Rin-chan

    Rin-chan Member

    Yeah everything is working fine now and I am on up to date Firefox on a PC with Windows 10

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