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Well I guess this is necessary ..


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Hi guys, I'm psychicboy, but you can call me psy for short. Just a few brief things about me before I rampage across the forums :p

1. I mis-spelled my name on purpose. You can capitalise it if you want but I prefer you dont.

2. I'm a master rper so expect to see me hanging around there a lot :p

3. I'm interested in your anime styled battles and if someone could explain, that would be cool.

4. That's pretty much it except I like pokemon mmos, but mostly a site i am not allowed to advertise
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Welcome to the site psy! Just out of curiosity, what did you misspell in your username?

Anyway, make sure you read the rules, and if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask.


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Welcome to the forums!

I don't see how you spelt your name wrong. Do you mean you didn't put it in captial letters? Because that's a grammar mistake, not a spelling one.

Wait. Since when was I an English teacher? Oh well.

I can't explain the battles to you but I'm sure if you read the rules in that section they there would be an explination somewhere.

Please read the forum rules OK? So we don't ban you ;)

*Incoming friend request*


The Mythic Trainer
Oops :p why did I put mis-spelled >.> I meant not capatilsed. Meh.. Thanks for the welcomes!