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were hg and ss hinted at?

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I was playing diamond when i noticed the number of johto refrences, the hicker in hearthome mentions profesor elm, someone (I forgot where) says they want to go see the whirl islands,and the mention of the red gyrados. I forgot a few but think about it, was GF being sneaky?


Wow, you're quick -.-

I think yes, there are too much Johto references to be ignored by us and ever since they were discovered they raised people's hopes for the remake of GS. And now look where we are.


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Yes they were. People have been adding up the Johto references since 2006, so no one was particularly surprised when HGSS were announced last year.


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Jasmine in Sunyshore City?
I think that's one, as well.


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Oh God, not this **** again.

Look, basic logic could tell you that HG/SS was going to be released, and no amount of little homages can compare to that.

R/B/G made a lot of money. Game Freak has proven they are willing to remake games with Fr/Lg. Fr/Lg made a lot of money. G/S/C made a lot of money. Thus, a remake of G/S/C was coming, and it was going to make a lot of money.


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This thread really needs to be locked. When I read the OP, what I heard was, "Hey...... The television program at the very beginning of Platinum talks about a Red Gyarados.... I bet that was a connection to Johto!!! OMG i could likes, totally yalls, I could likes totally tells this to pplz and then the is going to me da una medal!!!! OMFG PLATINUM HAD JOHTO REFERENCES!!!! OMGOMGOMG Y2K!!!! 12-21-2012!!!! I KNEW IT!!!! IT TOOK ME FOUR YEARS OF STUDY BUT THIS IS TOTALLY A BREAKTHROUGH!!!! Let me share my unique findings with the Serebii community!!!!"

I dont want to be a mean person, but
Wow, you're quick -.-


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I think everyone should back off the guy, he's clearly only just joined the community so he wasn't around when everyone was discussing the hints.
To answer your original question, there were a lot of hints leading to HG/SS such as:

- The news report of the red Gyarados
- Jasmine's appearance in Sunyshore City
- An explicit mention of Professor Elm and his report about eggs
- Cynthia's SecretPotion (which mentions Cianwood City in its bag description, as it did in Generation II)
- The man in the Hotel Grand Lake who mentions Ho-Oh's roost of the Tin Tower and Lugia's home of the Whirl Islands and the fact that Clefairy dance on Monday night in Mt. Moon
- While a Pokémon caught in Sinnoh will display the area it was caught in, and Pokémon sent from Generation III via Pal Park display "Hoenn" or "Kanto", depending on the game in which they were originally caught, the data also includes "Johto", at the time inaccessible through any means.



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Let's not be snarky to people, please.

Anyways there was a lot of discussion about this before HG/SS (probably a bit too much), and likely they were hints/references to GSC and potential remakes and all.

But as this conversation has been had before many, many times and the main ones have been covered, going to close. I believe bulba might have a list still there if you search for it?
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