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Were you sad when Dawn left?

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I was very sad, I think she was the best girl in the anime in my opinion
No she was boring -_-
Brock on the otherhand had me in tears(NOOOOO just kidding)
But still i miss Brock then again he has a life not following a kid over 4 contintents


Michief Maker.
Not as much as I thought I was going to. Brock on the other hand...


I didn't like Brock too much...but DP was the first season I ever saw


Wut are you saying?
Not much. Brock though...:(


Yeah, her departure affected me more than Brock's to be honest. The fact she was one of my favorite characters didn't help either. ;_;


A.K.A. マッギョ Maggyo.
Yes, I did cry.I loved Dawn very much, as she made the series more interesting, as she had her own quest.I wished they would treat Iris just like they did to Dawn.They are fine so far, but I want more attention on Ash's companions.


What do I do now?
I don't know, I mean I watched the anime for a long time since I was way little when it first came out, and well its a good thing I stopped watching the anime, but that doesn't mean I don't keep up with it, b/c if I did all that time then I would've been really sad when Brock left, and yes, I think Dawn was a good companion, but they should've expanded more on her character


Lover of underrated characters
I cried, she`s my favorite character, and I miss her

Platinum fan.

No. I liked her when she was on the show but her character was suffering way to much in the over hyped Ash vs Paul bout, she pretty much became a afterthought. I enjoyed her for when she was here and she had a good run until the end so her leaving Ash's shadow was the best thing that happened to her after the GF.


i miss miror
i didnt hate dawn,but i didnt like her either.she was irrelevant to my existence.brock on the other hand...:'(


What do I do now?
I'm actually kind of glad they have another female protagonist that isn't doing contests, don't get me wrong its just when for two female characters they do that, there's no creativity, and in this one, oh my word spoilers, she's probably already been considered for gym leader, and she's a girl protagonist, yah!
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