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Were you sad when Dawn left?

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Banana Knight Arthur

I was content to see Dawn leave.

Moreso to see Piplup leave, but also to see Dawn leave.

I would not mind Dawn coming back, if she lost Piplup along the way…..


i was sad when dawn left

she has to be my 2nd fave female companion!!!
misty being first

but my top 20 pokemon charrecter list is sooo close
i get so attached to most of the cast

so off course i was sad

Zweihander Nemesis

Not too old for Poke
Sad to see Dawn leave, IMO she wasn't better than Misty, but I liked her more than May. Someone who went in very confident only to lose her cool multiple times. I felt she needed more development, though Diamond and Pearl was LONG yes, I think Dawn needed a little more depth. I liked Piplup at first but then it was kind of overused. If May came back then Dawn will i'm pretty sure.

I have a feeling if you didn't "like" Dawn then you were annoyed with her.

If dawn stayed I'd be surprised, i'd welcome it but still be surprised.

Zweihander Nemesis

Not too old for Poke
Why are you comparing her with the first two girls?

What does May appearing again have anything to do with Dawn? If May appears you're sure Dawn will next time? Is that supposed to imply something?
Just something I mentioned I apologize if I was heading off topic.
and I was just feeling a trend coming on, Misty returned during Hoenn, and May reappeared during Diamond and Pearl. Hey I could be wrong but i'm just seeing a trend.
and I was just feeling a trend coming on, Misty returned during Hoenn, and May reappeared during Diamond and Pearl. Hey I could be wrong but i'm just seeing a trend.
Ah, so that's what you meant. If so then I agree, the last gen girl usually comes back for a short arc in the next, but then disappears entirely.

For example Misty did not appear in DP at all, and May probably won't either. Dawn will probably get one follow-up until she inevitably fades away like the other girls did.


No not really. And the girly contests and Piplup increases my opinion of her presence. Im pretty glad shes gone now. Iris has a tomboy feeling in her which I like. :p


Alpha Trainer
Wasn't too upset. Maybe because no one could be in the room with piplup talking. It was saddening when Brock left, and even more so to see what replaced him.
I agree. it was a lot easier to see piplup go than dawn. i hated that little penguin.
For me, Piplup was much less irritating than Dawn, who seemed utterly blind to Piplup's antics...and perhaps a tad insane. It's a shame that no one arranged for Dawn to have an accident mid-story. Piplup would have come under Brock's more balanced care and that would have curbed its snobby outbursts and the show would have improved dramatically. And there would have been far less general lunacy in the traveling party.


Shiny Hunter
Lol!Not at all! she was annoying i like may better that the other girls and dawn is the last one:p

Rex Kamex

Well-Known Member
I was sad... 'cause I wanted a permanent main girl.

Now that the cast is Ash and two gym leader characters (or something like that), I care less.

In any case, it wasn't about Dawn herself.


Ace Trainer
I don't think there will ever be a permanate girl or second boy on this show. I remembered when we used to all think that.


Mad science FTW!
No, I wasn't sad: I was downright pleased to see her go. In fact, the only thing that surpassed that pleasure was the sheer happiness I felt in finding out that Brock was going and staying gone for good this time!
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