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Whack-a-clone = Sign-up Thread


Eternally hating D/P
The uber-popular Whack-A-Clone battle RPG is finally ported to the Serebii forum! Anyway... this is a single-player RPG where your character attempts to defeat a large number of foes. There could or could not be a story ; you can choose to have a story in your game or just focus on the action. Also, altought this is a single-player RPG, I invite all those who wants to sign up to do so ; several games can and will be hosted at once. Personally, I will host 3 games at once but other hosts (when there will be) may host more or less games.

When all hosts' lists of hosted games are full, you can still sign up. Your sign-up form will be copied and pasted in the "Waiting Line" so that when one of the hosts has finished one game, he/she may create the thread. Details for custom games are pasted in the "Notes" section.

Well, that's pretty much it. All other rules and notes as well as an explanation of the battle system is below. If you have comments, suggestions, or want to sign-up, then don't hesitate to post.



-Unless using custom settings, all foes are teamed up against your character.
-Unless using custom settings, there is a maximum of five opponents on the battlefield at once.
-Once a foe is eliminated (killed, KOed, fled the battle, anything like this), it will be replaced the next turn. If all foes are killed at once, you are given a single turn to prepare yourself for the next wave. Apply only if there are anymore foes to fight, of course.
-The challenge ends in three ways: either your Life Force meter's final layer is emptied, either you defeat all foes (when fighting a limited amount of them), either time runs out (when there is a time limit).
-Final score is only saved in the Whack-A-Clone Hall of fame if using default settings ; custom games' scores do not count.


-If your moves affect characters not under your control in any way, form, or shape... then you may NOT decide if your move affects the other characters ; in short, you can only decide if the move succeeds or fails on your character and this, even when performing combos (in short, execute your moves... but NEVER assume they work).
-Each turn, you have the right to do two moves ; your first move is your character's reaction to the opponent's move last turn (evasive maneuver, counter-attack, block, or just simply whining after being hit). Your second move is your actual action for the turn (attack, reposition, taunt, charging up for an attack).
-You may ONLY control your own character. Controlling the enemies is TOTALLY forbidden in any way, form, or shape. (In short, NO BUNNYING)
-Use common sense ; powerful moves and complicated combos require a preparation of some sort (may it be taking aim, charging up, reloading your firearm).
-Preparing for an attack COUNTS AS AN ACTION. You cannot charge up a move and unleash it in a single turn.
-You may NOT ignore incoming attacks. Ignored attacks will be counted as if your character was hit (and may result in loss of energy as such).
-Once again, use common sense ; everyone does mistakes and your character will take hits once in a while. In short... NO MIRACULOUS DODGING.
-In my posts (as well as in the other hosts'), I will usually give hints regarding how tough an attack is to avoid. Dodging a particuliary difficult to dodge attack must be followed by a self-induced penalty ; jumping out of the way of a gigantic beam-o-death may cause your character to fall down and slide on his stomach for a while, being unable to act for the turn and skipping it or, he may evade the attack half-way and thus do a successful evade and still act... but still suffer damage (altought the damage is halved varying on how successful the dodge has been).
-You can summon creatures as you may like and even convaince foes to join you in custom games... but know that ALL of your characters share the same Life Force meter ; if one of your characters get it, the whole party bites the dust.
-Normal rules about Godmod attacks do NOT aplly here ; use Instant-Death techs to your heart content. Be wary however that Instant-Death won't work on most "Boss" characters ; you'll have to beat them the old fashionned way.
-Once your character's Life Force meter reach 0, your character's status will be displayed as "FATAL" (as in "Fatal Injury"). This means that your next post is your final post ; you must describe what is your character's last action before dying/fainting (could be a rant, a final desesperate attack, or you could simply describe how your character simply fell down instantly, not saying a word as he was defeated).
-The battle does not end until the host has posted "=THE END=" ; The host may introduce fake endings in custom games.


Standart Game: A regular battle against 10 enemies. Your score is calculated according to the amount of Life Force your character had left as well as the number of posts it took to completely clear the battlefield.

Long Game: A long, usually story-driven battle against 100 enemies. The final enemy is a powerful "Boss" character which you will face one-on-one (if no summons are used). The amount of Life Force left as well as your final post count when you delivered the final blow to the "Boss" determine your final score.

Time Trial: An endless onslaught of foes for 20 posts. The more Life Force you have at the end of the 20 posts and the more foes you defeated, the higher your score.

Time Attack: A Time Trial game with a twist ; there is a 10% chance that each foe killed may be replaced by a "Boss" character unstead of a regular one. Since you have only 20 posts, it is up to you to decide whenever you should try and get the bosses since they are worth a lot more than regular foes or whenever you should go after the much easier to kill regular foes and let the bosses alone. Score is calculated in the same way than in Time Trial.

Endurance Test: The enemy will just keep coming for 150 full posts. This extremely long test of endurance is not for those with poor writting skills, short attention spans, and no strategic thinking. Score is calculated in the same way than in Time Trial... but since the challenge is so painfully long, survival will probably be your priority more than kills.

Professional Endurance: Same as Time Attack... but you have 150 full posts to last. Among the possible to complete game modes, this is the hardest, most taxing one. Score won't really matter by the time you reach the end ; clearing the game mode is a feat in itself. For those who have the MAD 5K1LL5 and want to see how high they can score, then know that the score is calculated in the same way here than in Time Attack.

Endless Game: The easier impossible to win challenger. The foes will never stop coming ; the game will only end once your Life Force meter has been completely drained... or once you get sick of it and quit. The number of posts you survived as well as the number of kills will determine your final score.

Survival Test: You want me (or any other particuliar host) to teach you a harsh, brutal lesson of humility regarding RPG fighting skills? This mode is for you. ALL enemies are "Boss" characters there and they won't stop coming until they stomped your character flat (read: Life Force meter is emptied). Just like in Endless Game, the game ends either when your character is defeated, either when you quit... but since the difficulty here is brutually, unfairly hard, it is very unlikely you will last long enough to grow bored of the fight. Score is calculated in the same way than in Endless Game.


-At the end of each of a post, the current game host will update the status of the game. The information should be like this...

-Exemple 1-

Life Force (6) (IIIIIIIIII)

(Insert summon name here)



(+) 20 Kills
(-) 15 Posts

If you played Metroid, then know that the way the player's Life Force is displayed is the same than in the Metroid games...

For those who are in the dark... here is the explanation.

Your character has a meter of 10 units of energy. Attacks drain energy in full integers (no decimals are ever used). A yellow line is a single unit of energy, a black one (invinsible if using default board layout display) is a lost unit of energy. Whenever your character takes more damage than the meter contains, the meter is refilled... at the cost of a layer, causing the layer counter (to the left) to go down. Losing a layer does NOT cancel out the damage received ; you can lose multiple layers due to a single attack if the attack was powerful enough. When you have no layers left (counter set to 0), the Life Force meter units will turn from yellow to red as a warning to remind you that your character is very close to defeat.

Unless using custom settings, your character, whoever it may be, will begin with a full meter and 9 extra layers on the meter ; in short, with 100 health points.

The Life Force for regular enemies is not shown since they usually can't take much and die in one or two hits. The Life Force for bosses is shown however.

Bosses use a display system slightly different from the player. If you played Megaman Zero, you know what this system is...

The bosses have multi-layered meters that must be drained several times before they finally bites the dust. Your goal is to turn your foe's meter BLACK. According to the meter's current color, it is possible to determine how close to death a boss is. A yellow meter means the the boss has only one layer of energy. Blue is two layers. Green is three. White is four. No boss has more than four layers (a boss with four layers has at least 200 HPs and has up to 400 HPs... which is ridiculously high. White-layered Boss meters won't be seen usually however ; you'll only see bosses with that much health in custom games and in Survival Test mode).

The other display, with the three numbers, is the number of foes. It goes like this...

# of foes on the battlefield / # of foes in the current wave / # of foes left (when there is a limited amount) -OR- total # of foes fought so far

Nothing too hard.

Score is easy to understand. Things identified with a green "+" should be maximised while you should seek to keep the number of things labelled with a red "-" as low as possible.

NOTE: In Time Attack and Professional Endurance, "Boss" characters will only award you a special bonus if you defeat them by draining their Life Force meter. Defeating a boss with an instant-kill attack or by throwing it out of the battlefield will award you a regular kill but no bonus.


When asking for a challenge, you MUST include the following:

-The Game Mode you wish to use.
-What is the character you'll use.
-What character you wish to fight.
-The location for the fight.
-If you wish to have a custom game, specify all changes to the rules and new rules you want in your game as well as any special detail you think should be included.
-A brief description of the enemies you wish to fight as well as their moves so that the host may have an idea of how to control the foes.

NOTE #2: If you wish to be a host... then PM me. We'll discuss about it. Don't hesitate to ; I don't mind it at all... in fact, I even like having other people working as hosts for Whack-A-Clone challenges.

Well... I think that's about it.

Have a nice day... and enjoy!


-Hosted by Zerodius-
0/3 game hosted

-waiting line-

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Night Terror
This looks more like a game too me, and I don't want to see multiple topics filling the forum as people have topics going for themselves.