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What 5th gen pokemon would you have liked to see have an evolution?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation V Discussion' started by wearjo, Sep 1, 2011.


If Luvdisc and Alomomola were related, would there be a(n)

Poll closed Dec 26, 2011.
  1. evolution of alomomola

    19 vote(s)
  2. evolution of luvdisc

    104 vote(s)
  3. Neither

    22 vote(s)
  4. Meh...

    37 vote(s)
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  1. snivysson

    snivysson Member

    Probably a basculin evolution maybe make it part dark its movepool is a little lacking
    and thats part of the reason that i never used it.
  2. monkeyman192

    monkeyman192 simply bored

    I really wanted cryogonal to evolve. I don't know what to, some bigger ice thing...
  3. Hikari Paradise

    Hikari Paradise Forever Alone

    Stunfisk needs an evolution more than anything. Probably into something menacing with large teeth that just screams "You still think I'm derp? Get ready to get raped."
  4. "Spite" DefaultAsAwesome

    "Spite" DefaultAsAwesome Well-Known Member

    Ferrothorn, Stunfisk, Cryogonal, Basculin, Simipour/sage/sear...
  5. Howie Cheeto

    Howie Cheeto Active Member

    I used to think that it would've been nice to see an evo for Basculin into a fiercer barrucuda-looking fish pokemon and would again have different red-/blue-striped designs, like the two shellos-->Gastrodon designs. And yeah, a second typing like Dark or something.
  6. Drdj11

    Drdj11 Eins,Zwei,Drei

    I would like to see Durant evolve.
  7. Dragalge

    Dragalge Larry, Buznut, Countey, Astar, Feh, & Eggbert

    Yes please:)
  8. Ver-mont

    Ver-mont Well-Known Member

    Basculin. It just doesn't work as a stand-alone, give it a shark-like evolution or something.
    Druddigon. It really feels incomplete.
  9. Kall El

    Kall El ..Silence..

    This is a tough one as the majority of Isshu-native Pokemon are well placed already, hard to see too many evo's.
    That being said, I can see Bouffalant having a pre-evo.
    Durant could possibly use some special-evolution.
    Drudiggon could defo use a new forme or evo.
    Can't think of much more :]
  10. Aakash98

    Aakash98 Well-Known Member

    Basculin needs an evoultion, as it is weak compared to other pokemon. I think a Shark would be a good evolution

    Maractus is ignored by many for other sandstorm pokemon like Sandile, maybe an evolution that could be also a water type could increase popularity
  11. richi3f

    richi3f Bug Catcher

    I could see female Durant evolving into a queen ant (like Vespiquen). It would have stronger defenses, lower speed and it could even learn Attack, Defend, and Heal Order. As for Basculin, I would prefer if it evolved into a gar as we already have two shark Pokémon.

    GF could easily "fix" Luvdisc/Alomomola by adding a new evolutionary stone/item/move and an incense.
  12. Zantex

    Zantex Member

    i think Steelix or Skarmory should have a new evolution. Skarmory preferably... as for names for the evolutions i don't have any.
  13. Autis-misc

    Autis-misc Abridger

    I want to see A middle evolution between Yamask and Cofagrigus... maybe a mummy, or a final evolution of an Undead zombie... like, a ghost evolves into a coffin which evolves into a zombie. There could be plenty of jokes to make out of that.
  14. J-Tech

    J-Tech Member

    Emolga. I was so disappointed when I saw that it didn't evolve
  15. Serebii!

    Serebii! Well-Known Member

    I think Yamask would work if it evolved into Cofagrigus or something else to add more variety
  16. Shinluxray348

    Shinluxray348 The name is Luxray

    I think it'd be cool if druddigon had an evolution. Something more complete :D
  17. I think the only pokemon that really NEED an evolution are Basculin, Emolga and Stunfisk.

    Emolga--> Larger and more squirrel like in appearance. The flaps of skin on it's sides should be larger to give it better flight.
    Basculin--> A big piranha similar to Carvanah, but larger.
    Stunfisk--> .......Okay I've got nothing.
  18. jabs4

    jabs4 Well-Known Member


    Definitely feels like there's something more you can do with that line.
  19. Ace Of Keys

    Ace Of Keys Me and My sketch pad

    I'd like to see Drudigun evolve. something bigger with a bit of armor
  20. durant, i can imagine another lethal steel/bug combo :D
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