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What a year! My Tentative Return


My Tentative Return

And tada, I'm back.

I'm looking around I recognise hardly any of you. But anyway I am back. I left to pursue cometitive Pokemon and now that I am looking towards retiring I decided that coming back to the less intense and more social ambience here would be a nicer place to spend those spare internet moments.

To those that remember me, Hi.
To those that don't, Hajime mashite.

Thanks to being well into University now, yeah I'm that old, I probably wont have too much time. But forget about that. I'm back for a little while. :)
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Oh there's always time for Serebii, I should be studying for a nursing final tomorrow but here I am wasting time. ;D

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You wouldn't no me. I joined here in September! Anyways, Welcome back!