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What anime are you watching thread 2.0 ~ Now with more upcoming weeaboo nonsense.

Now watching the Lupin movie.

Laurie Hymnes should never, ever attempt to voice a young girl. Voice older girls instead. This movie proved the latter.

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Trigun Stampede has apparently started english dubbed and I've already caught up with current dubbed episodes. I can't really say much so far. Not sure how it compares to the original... but it is a little unfair to compare it to the original. I'd say it's okay so far. I also don't know if it more closely follows the manga or not.


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Once again surprised how many isekai started/continued this season and imo there were already to many of them in the last season. But well... here are a couple of isekais I think were okay-ish/decent in their first three episodes:

-First a continuation: By the grace of gods 2 is still wholesome but very SOL focused so it can still feel very slow sometimes.
-Saving 80000 in another world has an interesting concept but the pacing is a bit meh-ish.
-Campfire Cooking also has an interesting concept of food having a greater impact to the people. It's not exactly Food Wars x Isekai like people tend to say though.

By no means on the same quality level as lets say Mushoko Tensei, but these were the ones I'll continuing watching sooner or later.


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Yeah 3-Gatsu is a great show though not my personal favourite. Definitely one of the very best if not the best Shaft work.

I aspire to rewatch it someday if I do recover enough to be able to return to anime someday.


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I’ve watched the dub of Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens. It’s good but I feel VRAINS had a better story. Sevens is a bit too cartoony, but not as much as Zexal. Zexal is by far my least favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! series.


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I kind of fell behind on watching Spy x Family and Witch from Mercury. I really need to catch up on those.

My local library system actually has an anime selection, so I’ve been browsing that.

I was going to watch A Certain Scientific Railgun. The premise seemed interesting, but I got 10 minutes in and “noped” that right back to the library. It was…uh…problematic.

I also have “The Sacred Blacksmith,” which also seems interesting and might be something I can mine for D&D/Pathfinder TTRPG ideas.


The Sacred Blacksmith
I bought the "Justice of Light" (the opening theme) on iTunes Japan simply because Mayumi Gojo's done it and the song itself is quite a banger. I lost count of how many times I've listened to it.

Yet, I've never watched the show lol


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Well this season is pretty mediocre. Watched the first two episodes of a lot new anime and the most of them are okay/decent but there's no outstanding one I develop a desire for more episodes.

Expectable since the Winter seasons usually aren't that spectacular but still.

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I started Junji Ito Maniac this week. I've only seen one ep so I can't really judge it yet obviously. Right now though... I'd say it's more 'weird' than 'scary'


Just started G-Witch, I'm on episode 6 now. Really excited for what this has to offer, and it gives me an excuse to buy more model kits.
Komi Can't Communicate on Netflix. This **** is extremely hilarious.

*checks who animated it*

OLM, you were using your cheap but huge Pokemon money to do this one, weren't you.


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I've not found too much to watch this season, Urusei Yatsura and Pokémon continuing as always, and only picked up Tomo-chan and Saving 80,000 Gold. Urusei Yatsura has spiked in quality in cour 2, Tomo-chan has finally found its feet and Saving 80,000 Gold has gone under the radar as an exceptional anime.

Movie-wise this season I travelled to see Kaguya-sama and SAO Progressive. Kaguya was excellent and had real payoff and SAO Progressive was how you effectively adapt a light novel. All 3 original SAO movies are really good to be fair.

I've taken the time to go back and rewatch the Rebuild of Evangelion movies and End of Evangelion. They're not as good as especially the final 6 episodes but show real quality throughout. 3.33 is a contender for me for worst written anime movie of all time, when Anno gets it wrong he gets it wrong.

Before the new season starts I want to get FLCL and Gunbuster watched and maybe finish Cowboy Bebop. I also need to get onto Rising of the Shield Hero. There's still plenty to watch even if it isn't from this all around disappointment of a season. Maybe there's other anime I can pick up, I'm always open to trying new ones.

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The Nier Automata anime finally started in english dub so I started watching it obviously. Honestly... it's pretty great so far. I know it's only one episode but still. I feel like it's doing a great job covering the game so far. In fact... they even covered one of the 'parody' endings during the ending/preview lol. I also really like how the anime is acting like it's still a video game. It really is great and I'm loving it so far. I hope it keeps this up.