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What anime series are you currently watching?

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Thought I'd give all the future viewers of the Kai series a heads-up now that I've seen the third episode (or, well, most of it, but it was raw and the last few minutes weren't all that important): Raditz's blood coughs and the pooling around his blood as well as some of Goku's (like the wound, for example) have been wiped near-clean, but the good news is that the infamous miscoloring shown primarily on the "filler-jins of Arlia blow up in space" episode has been retouched and brought back to the way it was in the Saiyan battle episodes.

Waiting for a subbed version to get an HQ even though I know all of what's being said anyway, since this one was simply just extracted from any crap TV straight during the broadcast.
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Flame Haze SnS

Watched Pokemon D/P Battle Dimension this morning. Also watched Bleach x2 just few minutes ago. Only thing that made me feel un-excited about those episodes is that bount-sensor mods are still there. :/ I was wishing for Grandfisher to destroy them in one swoop of his zanpakuto. :p

latios reborn

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Been watching:
Soul Eater
Full Metal Alchemist brotherhood
And the first 2 eps of Dragonball Kai which i'm not to sure about I thought it was ment to cut to the chase or something.
The first episode was full of flashbacks to the pre-Z stuff, and the second kept the majority of the added-on backstory to the Saiyans and their demise, so that's where they started lagging a bit badly. Don't lose hope; like I said, at least Vegeta doesn't have the Arlia outfit anymore (+ chestnut brown hair to go with it -_-), and from the preview it doesn't look like the distractions on Goku's way to Kaio will be present at all. I'm not expecting the whole Saiyan siege to go on for more than twenty episodes, or so... 23, to be fair. Some of the changes (not additions) to the canon's events in the Freeza and Cell arcs, and the last battle on Kaioshinkai against Buu is where the problem kicks in, but even with that, with mostly all filler cut out, I don't see the 100s-episode timeframe being much of a challenge.


Kind of a big deal
I've started watching good ol' Pokemanz DP Dimention again...after not wanting to wake up at 9 on Sat (WRRRYYY CN?!?)...and not having a working recorder... (But seriously..,WTF Pokemon? "Barry" "Barry's Busting Out All Over!"? W...T...F...)
Reflections: I've missed it so much that I wanted to watch it again. Gotta get back in the pace for the Rotom ep. anyways...

I've also aquired a taste for Desu...er..Rozen Maiden. After watching the first ep in English, then watching the begining part of the season with Sub, I eventually found someone who braved the storm on Youtube and stuck the English dubs up. Go them. Now only if I could find the Second Season..
As Encyclopedia Dramatica says "Imagine Barbies shooting flak cannons at each other while whining about how much their father doesn't love them."

Divine Judgment

鐘を鳴らして 君を捜すよ
Asura Cryin'
Chrome Shelled Regios
Tears to Tiara
Pandora Hearts
Arad Senki


Elfen Lied
Final Fantasy Unlimited
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Martian Successor Nadesico

and those are my first 4 animes (not including Pokémon, Digimon or Medabots that I watched as a kid)...

Not sure what to watch when Nadesico's over, everyone's recommending me different things, hmm..


Waiting for FFXIII
Been trying to cover most of the spring anime.

Sengoku Basara
FMA Brotherhood
Mazinger Z
Eden of the East
Ristorante Paradiso


Little Big Dreamer
I've gone and gotten myself obsessed again...

I'm following Shugo Chara! DOKI, Hanasakeru Seishounen, Tears to Tiara, Hatsukoi Limited, and Pandora Hearts. X3!!

I love the 'Creep Factor' of Pandora Hearts. XD
I find myself doodling creepy bunnies and evil dolls at school. o_O; XDD


probably elsewhere
Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
For some reason, mirroring Riza's bangs really bugs me. I could swear the separation was on the viewer's left before. NVM my bad! Something still feels different though.
And Roy's new Japanese VA IMHO isn't as good, but decent. Well, I'll get over them eventually. Strangely, I didn't feel as much drama from the Equivalent Exchange section of the Human Transmutation, but it is different. Let me also state I love the new opening and ending themes. Can't wait for Ling~!

Hetalia Axis Powers
Though sometimes it has yaoi (not a fan of it personally), it's an educational series that stereotypes countries into one character each, and showing how they acted in World Wars and other major events, or sometimes, just the silly things their people do randomly. Sometimes, I can hardly believe these things happened in real life.

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei!
I did a trade with my friend, that I'd watch this and she'd read/watch Hetalia. Currently on episode 2. I'm sometimes disturbed, sometimes amused. But I believe that's the point, so all is well.
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Sovereign of Asunder
The only anime I am currently watching is Inuyasha on youtube I started watching the anime yesterday.


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Right now I'm watching One Piece in Japanese, just made it to the Thriller Bark Arc
Finished Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito. Very... very weird. Difficult to keep track of all the subplots to... regardless, very entertaining. A little too much fanservice at times, though, too. Worth a shot, though, if you're bored.


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I am currently watching Naruto Shippuden and Bleach (it's very cool).


Follow my lead!
I'm watching inuyasha after strong recommendation from people in my anime club.
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