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What anime series are you currently watching?

Discussion in 'Alternate Animé (Hidden)' started by HK, Feb 19, 2007.

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  1. Ikito

    Ikito Well-Known Member

    Shugo Chara, Bleach, Lucky Star (I keep forgetting to watch it), Death Note.
  2. Dre

    Dre Good at Life.

    I just started watching Yakitate Japan a few days ago. It's an anime about bread. Yes, bread.
  3. HK

    HK Radiance of Shadows

    Hard to find? Really? Be surprised to not find fansubs not floating around still...

    Cool on you checking out both The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Texhnolyze (what do you think of this one?). They're both my top two favorite anime, interchangably depending on my mood.

    But you should really substitute Mononoke or Baccano! or Ghost Hound for Gundam 00 and H2O (or whatever it's called). Sure, subjective entertainment and all, but you're really missing on not just one, not just two, but three masterpieces from 2007. (And to get three masterpiece anime series in one year is amazing.)
  4. daveshan

    daveshan My little friend

    There needs to be an anime called "You Sleep." That way, I could post that I am watching You Sleep.

    On a relevant topic, I am re-watching DBZ. Mostly the new un/less-censored ones.
  5. Kaizer

    Kaizer A Shadow of Darkness

    It'd be easier for me to just add those to the list of what I'm already watching, I've got more than enough time to do so.

    And I certainly like Texhnolyze. It's pretty heavy and seems a little slow, but it all comes together well. And one last thing--I wasn't referring to find the fansub, I actually picked up the Kadokawa DVD (which for some reason has english subtitles) of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time--it was that good. I couldn't find it any stores, but amazon has a few copies of it.
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2008
  6. HK

    HK Radiance of Shadows

    Uh, that's not out yet. Bandai Entertaiment/Kadokawa USA haven't even announced a release date.

    I believe you have a bootleg.
  7. Flame Haze SnS

    Flame Haze SnS Yin-Yang

    Watched One Piece - The Desert Princess & The Pirates: Adventures in Alabasta Movie I bought from Wal-Mart yesterday. Gotta say it's pretty good.

    Watched Natsuiro no Sunadokei few days ago and it has drama rather than romance, but overall, it's pretty good, though it only has 2 episodes.

    About to watch One Piece ep.344 subbed tonight.
  8. Asrialys

    Asrialys Well-Known Member

    I just saw the X/1999 movie on Sci-Fi. It's broadcast seemed messed up (random commercial breaks in middle of a scene), perhaps because ECW went over by about five minutes? Anyway, can't say that I actually liked the movie. The ending was a bit weird. Need to get the animated series and manga...

    I think they mean the Japanese R2 DVD. Still, it having subtitles is a bit odd (but not impossible).
  9. Hakajin

    Hakajin Obsessive Shipper

    I've never watched the movie, but I've heard that it wasn't very good. There are so many characters, each with his or her own story, and that couldn't be covered in a movie. I heard that the movie mostly focused on the fighting. I have read the manga, and I enjoyed it very much. It's pretty violent, but I like a lot of the characters, and there are some pretty complex themes. Haven't seen the anime, but I plan to sometime. I hear it's better than the movie, at least.
  10. Asrialys

    Asrialys Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I'd expect the TV series to be better. This movie reminded me of the Rayearth OVA. Yikes!
  11. That Scary Clefairy

    That Scary Clefairy I <3 HK & BF

    The TV series is much better. That I can tell you. As for Rayearth OVA, what's bad about it? I only saw the Tv series.
  12. HK

    HK Radiance of Shadows

    The Japanese R2 DVD DOES NOT have English subtitles.

    The only one that does is an R3 release (I believe a Hong Kong release that IS actually official), and of course the upcoming release by Bandai Entertainment/Kadokawa USA.

    Oh, and while there's some actual story and characterization to X TV, I might actually prefer the movie if I were to re-watch both. Maybe I've just grown tired of ANGST-Y CHARACTERS SAVING THE WORLD WITH BISHOUNEN AND BISHOUJO FLAIR.
  13. Flame Haze SnS

    Flame Haze SnS Yin-Yang

    Watched Maburaho: Vol.1 - Bewitched and Bewildered. Can't remember when's the last time I watched it. ;( It's all magic and romance and its story didn't impress me that much.
  14. Cutiebunny

    Cutiebunny Frosty Fashionista

    I'm curious to know what you didn't enjoy about the Rayearth OVA.

    Yes, the character design was slightly different. I personally enjoyed the new, 'Gothic' Umi more than I enjoyed the one in the TV series. The god mecha had improved designs. And Lantis was pretty schmexay too.

    Storyline was different. But seriously, would you want to sit through a movie with exactly the same plot as the TV series you had already seen? Personally, I get bored when an OVA is just a shorter reguritation of the TV series. I need some significant differences in it.

    Taken on its own, it's one of the more enjoyable OVAs out there. Good action, character design and plot.
  15. shiny latios

    shiny latios Well-Known Member

    I Watch naruto. Best Anime Since DBZ IMO
  16. HyperCyber


    Requesting permission to insert shotgun ascii?

    Seriously, if you are going to praise Naruto, at least don't embarrass yourself by saying some stupid crap like "best anime ever imo". Something like "good for a generic shonen anime" (which, hell, it isn't) would suffice.
  17. bobjr

    bobjr It's Fusion, I don't have to expalin it. Staff Member Moderator

    Let's see, I saw One Piece 344 and all I can say is Zombie Party!!!! I'm about to watch the second episode of Ghost Hound as well.
  18. HyperCyber


    Did you get scarred or grossed out by that ****ing fly-scene in the first episode as I did?
  19. bobjr

    bobjr It's Fusion, I don't have to expalin it. Staff Member Moderator

    It was fairly gross, and I've seen some gross things before.
  20. HK

    HK Radiance of Shadows

    Spice and Wolf 09 - The cliff-hanger is clichéd and apparently not even in the original novel.

    But aside from that, and me still having trouble coming to grips with Lawrence's voice, it's working very well. The emphasis on subtleties of gesture and facial expressions -- in spite of the generic character designs -- are a real rarity. That they go unnoticed by most anime watchers who label this show as "boring" should come as no surprise.

    That's nothing compared to the crazy **** that's been happening recently in Ghost Hound.
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