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What antivirus have you installed?

Discussion in 'Technology Help' started by Basskicker, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. Basskicker

    Basskicker New Member

    I’m using Avast and really satisfied.
  2. T3chNik4

    T3chNik4 Ima lyrical murderer

    I as well is using the free version of Avast and I think it's the best free anti-virus. It get's the job done, doesn't slow your cpu processing time down while doing updates, automatically updates itself without blowing my screen up, while protecting my pc like it's suppose to. I give it a 8/10 for what it does, the only annoying thing is "avast has been updated" out of the blue gets kind of annoying. It seems to bring that pop up in the most awkward moments.
  3. pokemasta92

    pokemasta92 Well-Known Member

    I use Webroot SecureAnywhere. It isn't free, but it does the job. It's a lightweight, which means it doesn't use a lot of processing power, doesn't have a million pop ups, and can do everything in the background without you even knowing. There is a pop up in the corner when I turn on my laptop that let's me know I'm being protected, and then it automatically disappears after a few seconds. I can do a scan whenever I want, but it automatically scans at the same time everyday with absolutely no popups. It's gotten rid of every single virus/Trojan/etc. that I've gotten (which is minimal) and I'm very happy with the results.
  4. Yami Ron

    Yami Ron Elite Member

    I had been using reliable Symantec until it stopped updating its virus definitions. So right now, I'm looking toward AVG and Avast as alternatives - haven't installed a replacement just yet on my home computer.
  5. Virtual Headache

    Virtual Headache *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

    I use Norton Internet Security. I have been using it for many years and never had any problems with it. It's also running at a decent speed (which I think was a problem some people had long time ago).
  6. PrismaticPrincessAnna

    PrismaticPrincessAnna I'll do my Lilliest

    AVG and McAfee. Both are trials though :( I installed two just incase i find more than one virus, nya~
  7. Primal Crusader V

    Primal Crusader V Watch some MANime

    Norton, Malware Bytes and Hijackthis. Really good software, especially Malware which saved my computer from being thrown in the trash.
  8. Yami Ron

    Yami Ron Elite Member

    I decided on AVG Internet Security 2013 and it has been doing wonders so far.
  9. Jerre

    Jerre Gogoat!

    I use Avast! Free Antivirus.
  10. PikaSam

    PikaSam New Member

    I've been using Avast since its early days and have loved it above all the other ones I've tried.
  11. Platina2000

    Platina2000 Well-Known Member

    I use to use McAfee and Spybot, but both wound up giving me more problems than not. I currently use a free version of Malware Bytes, and I think it's a pretty good program.
  12. Bibism

    Bibism New Member

    These antiviruses have been leading for years. If you watch best choice av reviews rating you can be sure. I use the first one.
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2019

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