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What arcs in the anime do you wish they did/would do?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Blastmaster, Aug 19, 2019.

  1. Emelie

    Emelie Bookworm

    I think she used to be a model. The novelization by Takeshi Shudo goes more into depth regarding her backstory. Funny how people still want Satoshi's father to appear when the novelization makes it clear that he abandoned them when she was pregnant and that she doesn't want him in their lives anymore.

    The novelization really makes you feel for Hanako/Delia. She made so many sacrifices for Satoshi. Life as a single mom is hard. :(
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  2. shoz999

    shoz999 Do you wanna try a good Tapu Cocoa? My treat.

    For many, the role of motherhood is a job on it's own so imagine taking on another job just to support that role as a single mother. Would be a story worth exploring though I don't think Delilah is a single parent in the anime.
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  3. Emelie

    Emelie Bookworm

    I think she owned a restaurant in Shudo's novel. Apparently Professor Oak comes in every evening, eats his noodles and leaves without a word. :p
  4. MockingJ

    MockingJ Banned

    Are those novels even canon? I heard that Ash's birthday was revealed in one of those novels, but I doubt that Shudo's comments are the word of god for the anime series no matter how respected he still is.
  5. They should have completed that GS ball plot, instead of just forgetting it due to change in plan.
  6. Emelie

    Emelie Bookworm

    Mabye they were canon at some point but aren't anymore. They are pretty old and obscure after all. Hanako/Delia doesn't get much screentime so it's hard to tell. I don't think there is anything that contradicts the anime plot, it just expands on it. Most characters are the same, Shudo just focuses more on certain aspects in the novel.

    I like some scenes in the novel better than the anime though. I think Kasumi/Misty gets a better introduction in the novel when Shudo showcases both her hot-headed side and her kind side. In the Japanese version she basically just slaps Satoshi but in the novel she picks up Pikachu and tries to heal it while looking really sad and worried. The novel portrayed her as a layered character from the beginning.

    Musashi/Jessie is also a layered character in this. Shudo focuses more on her backstory and her vulnerable side in the novel.
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  7. saradanaruto

    saradanaruto Uchiha

    Does anyone remember the Sevii Island plot that was being built up in Chronicles? I wish that had been expanded since Ritchie was doing well as the focus character at Mt. Ember and we should've seen more of his Sevii Island adventures.
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  8. Leonhart

    Leonhart Imagineer

    I'm actually glad that the GS Ball was never touched upon again, because I wouldn't have seen the benefit of yet another Celebi subplot, which is almost certainly what it would've amounted to unless the writers had changed the GS Ball's purpose, which would've been odd given what the GS Ball was used for in Crystal version.
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  9. thedarkdragon11

    thedarkdragon11 P4P Elite

    Johto: GS Ball and Mt. Silver arcs mashup
    Hoenn: Battle Frontier arc in Sevii Islands instead of Kanto
    Sinnoh: Sinnoh Battle Frontier and Sinjoh Ruins arcs mashup
    Unova: PWT arc
    Kalos: Battle Maison and AZ arcs mashup
    Alola: Rainbow Rocket arc
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  10. Lunalah

    Lunalah Well-Known Member

    What would the AZ arc consist of? Because I only remember him making a few appearances in the games.
  11. thedarkdragon11

    thedarkdragon11 P4P Elite

    A Pre-Conference quest alongside the Larvitar quest going to Mt. Silver and then it should've involved the GS Ball... Could've been a focus arc for the Legendary Dogs and Celebi...

    A Post-Conference quest wherein Ash's group will search for AZ to return Eternal Flower Floette while taking on the Chatelaines (Battle Frontier-esque)... AZ will appear to challenge Ash after conquering the Battle Maison...
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  12. Leonhart

    Leonhart Imagineer

    Involving the Legendary Beasts would've been nice since they mainly got short cameos in the Jouto saga, although the whole point of the GS Ball subplot originally being dropped was that the writers didn't want to showcase Celebi in the anime back then since it would've already appeared in the fourth movie. I think that worked out for the best, personally.
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  13. game3524

    game3524 Well-Known Member

    A potential GS ball plot quest would have been better served in mid-Johto then near the end IMO.

    Having it close towards the league would have taking some steam out of the Silver Conference.
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  14. Lunalah

    Lunalah Well-Known Member

    That would've been really cool actually. I still can't believe that the writers didn't do anything with AZ or the Chatelaines but I guess they just ran out of time after the Team Flare stuff.
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  15. Leonhart

    Leonhart Imagineer

    I figured that the Battle Chatelaines never appeared in the anime due to Kinan City being completely skipped during XY&Z, most likely because of the rushed pacing at the end of the saga. I would've liked to have seen them battle Satoshi in a major competition similar to the Battle Frontier.
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