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what are the funniest animes you've ever watched?


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I find K-ON! funny.


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Some of these are already mentioned but lets mention them again x'3

Gintama - This is seriously the funniest out there, I've laughed so hard i couldn't breath, you just have to give it a couple of episodes at the beginning
Danshi koukousei no nichijou (or daily live of highschool boys) - This has got me laughing so much xD
Baka to test to shoukanjuu - It's kind of different than other animes in my opinion :) And it has some really funny moments
Angel Beats - It has hilarious moments, not to mention the story is good, it's my favorite anime after Gintama so i definitely recomment it
Mitsudomoe - It has some really wierd humor n moments, the artstyle differs a bit from most other anime, it looks kind of 'cute'.
SKET Dance - It's pretty funny :)

There is also Hetalia and Lucky Star but i don't find them That funny, Hetalia does have humor and some funny moments, but i didn't find Lucky Star funny.. is it just me? :/


There for grace I go
I would say Lucky Star, K-ON and Hetalia....XP


Let us eat!
I've been hearing a lot about K-ON! lately as well, mostly from my brother though. I should try watching it and see what all the fuss is about.

As for me, when I think of funny animes, the first things that come into my mind are SKET Dance and Hetalia. Two of my favorite animes as well. I just laugh at every episode that appears. xD


be your own guru
Go watch it and find out for yourself, it's quite amazing.
Stop lying to us! It's cliched garbage.

It's a lot of "Oh, this is the kind of stupid stuff me and my friends do!" type humor, if that makes sense.
Yeah, it's that kind of humour but the presentation and delivery are horrid have have been done much better before.


be your own guru
Yeah, the presentation is bland. It looks gorgeous but there's nothing fresh about it, pedophile bait cute looking girls hanging out has been done to death. Also, I'm aware of the awful English track.