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What Are You Collecting?

What items are you collecting?

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There has been lots of pokemon merchandise over the years and there will be a lot more coming in the future. So is there any particular type or line pokemon merchandise are you all collecting?

I'm mainly into collecting plushies because they make my room feel more colourful. And also because I think they look adorable. I don't collect figures very often but if I see ones I like or if I really like the pokemon, but have no plushie for it, I'll get them.

I also really like the pokemon center charms because they look so nice and practical.


Staff member
mostly plush and amiibo got me turned onto some figures. i will collect pretty much anything from my absolute favorite pokemon and i have a soft spot for keychains in general (i have a collection of keychains of every place i have traveled to... along with shotglasses but they dont make pokemon ones ;) ) so i will collect some of those too. i'm not as interested in the others because they are less durable and some of the ones ive had in the past have fallen apart.


Emblian Royalty
Mostly plush toys since I have a soft spot for cute things or representations of my favourite Pokemon, they also make great bed decorations. I also collect figurines as well as their more realistic appearance provide a good change from the more cute plush toys.


Crimson Dragon
i got a thing for flygon (among other pkmn) so anything in the right price range i can come across at conventions with flygon are fair game. though plushies and keychains are the main things i collect.


Fire Pokemon Trainer
i collect any merch for pokemon in my main collections, but for anything else it's just cards and zukan


Let's go to the beach, each.
Although I have several Pokemon plush toys too, I mostly collect Takara Tomy Pokemon figurines; I have around 20 so far, the most recent ones being a Zorua and Zoroark figure. Also cards, but not as many recently.
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I come and go suddenly
I have a particular fondness for plush toys; can't get enough of them. My Weavile plush being a favourite since it is my favourite Pokémon.

I also occasionally like to get rare figurines and some of the cards.


Lover of underrated characters
A lot of figures, some plush.
I get a lot of Fennekin related stuff. Even bought a few extra figures of him
Plush and figures of my favorite Pokemon. I like getting Kids figure lots that are cheap. haha I also like Pokedolls since they're all so cute. But anything of my favorite Pokemon that is cute is interesting to me.


Well-Known Member
Cards, and Promo display posters from game shops and big chain stores :)


Internet Overlord
I don't have a very big collection (outside of games and guides), but most of it is plushies, followed by figure and keychain pokeball figures, then cards which I don't actively collect anymore (I only have a little more then a deck), and a few random items like stylus, pencils, and screen cleaners. - Outside of gifts and products that have random Pokémon, generally I only get stuff if it's a Pokémon I like pretty well.
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Mild Monk
I want to slowly collect one TCG Pokemon card for all 718 Pokemon. Eh, now that I think about it, I'm not too thrilled about how much that might cost, but it's a dream of mine to have a folder containing Pokemon cards of all Pokemon in order.

Archangel Azazel

Fallen Angel
Mostly Pokemon Plushies. I like hugging them *^* Second would be Figurines. I wish I could collect the cards. I love the little drawings but I feel like I'm just gonna end up bending and tearing some up as well as its really difficult to find the cards you want on a random pack. I do have a few though but they don't get much attention as the plushies take most of the space.


Young Battle Trainer
I have a whole bunch of Pokemon plushies. I've been collecting since 2008.