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What are you currently reading?


Half a centaur
Mark of Athena: Book 3 of the Heroes of Olympus series. Then I'll finally get to Insurgent afterwards.

Celestial Moth

Bug-Type Deity
I'm proud to say a book i've been looking for for a very very long time.

The Theban recension, or otherwise known as the book of the dead. (Egyptian)
English translation by E.A.WALLIS BUDGE


Well-Known Member
Currently re-reading the first five books of the A Song of Ice and Fire series. I'm on book three, A Storm of Swords. This is taking a lot longer then the first time I read them. I'm just waiting on the sixth book now.


Pokemon Veteran
Now I'm on the entire Legend of the Guardians series by Kathryn Lasky...I adored the movie, but I had folks hankering over me to read the series, and I'm so glad I am! I got the first book less than two days ago and I've already eaten it alive and now I'm on the second. :)

I'm warning you right now, do not read the "flashback books" in the series. That's where I put it down because frankly, I got bored at that point due to there being 3-4 books just about hoole's backstory iirc. You may like them, but I feel that you can skip those ones. Anyways, the rest of my english class is still reading Animal Farm, but I finished it before all of them and I have to say, it's really good. For a book that short, it has really powerful moments and some damn good writing. I really need to pick up 1984 now.

Squiddly Dee

∈ (⊙ ⊖ ⊙) ∋
I'm about to start reading the Hobbit. I honestly can't believe I haven't read it yet.

Peter Quill

I've been reading Obasan by Joy Kogawa. I like it so far. It's pretty image heavy though.

and I'm thinking of reading Great Expectations next.


Well-Known Member
I just finished Jurrassic Park and im about to start The Lost World

I'm supprised how inaccurate the movie was, not just in the events that happened, but even in the people who lived and died.

Well you know how Hollywood is

I liked the book much better than the movie


Aura Guardian
I recently finished the book Seraphina by Rachel Hartman and I thought that it was excellent. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes dragons, an engaging plot line, some comedy, and/or a sprinkling of romance, which is not overdone at all. Even if one of those things doesn't take your fancy, I would still tell you to try it out, because I think it's a really good book.


Ghost Type User
I've just started reading "Mustaine: A Life in Metal". I reckon it should be an interesting book. I finished reading "I am Ozzy" awhile back and found it to be a great read, I couldn't put it down.


Well-Known Member
Recently I finished "Of Mice and Men" for school. It wasn't a bad book, and some of the ways they cursed made me laugh a little. The story and characters were good, and I got an 88 on the test, which is great, compared to my other test grades in English this year...


The Crazy One
I'm reading Morpheus Road- The Black by D.J. MacHale. I read the first book of Morpheus Road for English, so I decided to find the second one since it was pretty good. (And after this one, I'll find the third one!)


☆ I'm The Captain
I'm currently reading mockingjay from the the Hunger Games (Don't judge me is an awesome book) ¬¬'