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What are you currently reading?


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Currently reading The World's Greatest Scandals of the 20th Century by Nigel Blundell. Now I see what some celebs did back then.


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Im currently reading the Hunger games line.
I've read the hunger games and catching fire but im on page 100 or more in Mockingjay.
It's a great book/s and they are interesting. I love em!


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I just finished The Mark of Athena (Rick Riordan) and Why Didn't They Ask Evans? (Agatha Christie).

I think I'll start a Christie marathon.


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Currently reading Visorshipping fanfics. There aren't enough fics to keep me busy, so I'll consider reading some Franticshipping fics.


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The Retelling of Pokemon Colosseum. It is really good and funny and one of the best fics on the web.

I'm reading this one too. I'd say it's one of the best Colosseum fics I've ever seen in a while. Not to mention the humour.

Shadow Lucario

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I've been trying to catch up in Detective Conan. So far I got to chapter 556. I started to read Highschool of the Dead as well. It isn't as long so I can finish it pretty quickly and then continue on with Detective Conan. As for American books, I've been reading the Lorien Legacy series. The movie I Am Number Four made me want to check out the book and I'm glad I did. Finished I Am Number Four and now I am on The Power of Six.


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Currently reading The Lord of the Rings. I'd say, this is one of the best books I've ever read in my whole life.


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Currently reliving the good old times by rereading Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince. This novel hasn't lost its touch.


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After, a short story anthology about the end of the world. It's done by 19 authors. Interesting so far, but I'm only 3 stories in. I usually don't like short stories but I'm doing preliminary research for a writing assignment.


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I'm currently on a Dragonriders of Pern kick. Mom has most of the books, being a long-time fan, and since she's a librarian the rest are fairly easy to obtain. Mostly I'm a sci-fi fan. I read Tanya Huff's Blood series and the Smoke series, David Weber's Prince Roger and Bahzell series, Rick Riordan's books, and a lot of other assorted stuff. Too many to name. My bookcase is buried under books, and I have three more boxes of them under the bed.


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I'm currently readin' 50 Shades of Grey. And I just now finished readin' The Ranger's Apprentice.


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Currently reading The Hunger Games. IMO the novel is a lot better than the film adaptation.


I'm currently reading various mangas, such as the HGSS Chapters of PokeSpe, the first few copies of Soul Eater I have, and the rest of the FullMetal Alchemist manga. I'm also reading up on A Clockwork Orange because I just want to.

Toxic Nightshade

I'm in the middle of reading Reached. It's the third in the Matched series, and it is really good. I must say that I take a great liking to dystopian fiction. I'm also at book 4 of the Percy Jackson series, which is on hold because it is checked out of my library.