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What are You Going to do Different?


Well-Known Member
With the upcoming release comming, what better time for this thread?

I want to know:

What are you going to do different than you did in Diamond/Pearl?
Catching Different poke's
I'm gonna...not cheat in this one C: Gonna work hard as hell to get a legit shiny drifloon, even if it takes me a year!

and I WILL beat the Elite Four!! I almost never beat them in every game, I give up easily


Active Member
The only thing I hope to do is be able to breed some very nice pokes and with any lucky get some good trades with them. Otherwise, I really dont know if I will do anything different or what I would do differently. I just want to have some fun as usual.


Well-Known Member
i might catch gible before i complete the elite four and do what i usually do. Choose water one as starter, piplup in this case


AKA PikaDrew & PikaDrewski
Get a Feebas or maybe a Milotic before I take on the Elites.

Emerald 2006

Well-Known Member
Get piplup and get him to Empoleon, I hadn't gotten one yet for one reason for another. I had Prinplup, but never Empoleon. And Chain more often.
More like practice. I don't do well with chaining, so I want to get better.
And catch another Shiny, I only have Floatzel (originally Buizel) from Diamond,
random encounter, which shocked the heck out of me!
It almost seems like Shinies are easier to find in Platinum,
from what I hear. I can't confirm that, but it feels that way to me.
Maybe I'm just being hopeful.


Active Member
im definitley gonna run a balanced team, and work on my tactics (not just full power)


Ima firin' muh lazer
I'm gonna get a new team. Last time as I recall I had... Infernape, Floatzel, Staraptor, Bronzong, Gengar, and ... another one. Since there are new pokemon to choose from this time around I think I'll take advantage of it. Maybe get a Mime Jr or a Buneary or a Budew or a Shellos.. I will definitely be different this time around.

Penguinist Trainer

Well-Known Member
I'm going to work on training my pokemon with a concentration on Evs. I recently started experimenting on breeding pokemon with good natures and stats. So I would like to play my 1st run through of Platinum focusing on pokemon natures and stats.


Did it on 'em
I'm probably going to trade over some eggs from my Diamond to begin my party, basically so it's a bit more rounded from the start. The traditional way I usually go about beginning adventures on Pokemon games is doing everything from scratch, but better chance than not I will go about a different approach.
Get an Empoleon and actually use it in the Elite 4. Not trade the other starters over. Basically, try to make a whole new team. One that is not haphazardly put together.

Pkmn Breeder Jack

Static owns you.
Well, I plan on taking it slow through the story, and really relish the feeling of playing just for fun. After beating the E4, I'm gonna complete my Pokedex, get all the flags underground, and then train some pokemon for the Battle Frontier. I want to take them all out, and then attack the contests. And once that's all done, I should have 5 stars on my trainer card. That's the plan. It should only take me a couple years or so. xP


A Couple of Sparks..
I think im going to catch and train a totally different team, different starters etc. i might transfer some pokemon from diamond that ive been dying to train but always get sidetracted. I also might try the contests, since i never really do them.


Well-Known Member
well in every game other then diamond i always started with the fire starter i got piplup in diamond so im thinking im going to get a chimchar as my starter this time
I'm going to have a team full of meaningful Pokémon to me (and Turtwig, haha, I'm planning to keep tackle in my move set throughout the whole game, but we'll see how that goes). :) Another thing I'm going to do different is that I'm going to do well in this game. All of my "3rd games" haven't turned out so well. I put in all of my effort into the first games (i.e. R/B, G/S, R/S, D/P). I got bored of Crystal and didn't finish, and my Emerald team is still in the level 50's and I gave up on that as well. Here is to change!


Your Big Buff Bro
This time, Im gonna make sure I don't use any cheating devices what so ever, and I am gonna catch a Pachirisu as my Electric type instead of Shinx for my journey. After I beat the game, Im gonna go and catch, the trio birds, Dialga, Palkia, Mesprit, Cresselia, the Regis. Also, before I defeat the game, Im gonna go get a Glacidia Flower in Floraroma Town and get my own Shaymin Sky forme. Im also gonna go and try to catch Giratina with an Ultra Ball, and save my own Master Ball for something special.


Well-Known Member
I'm going to take advantage of the new pokemon I'll have access to and use them.
Houndoom, and especially Tangrowth are catching my eye.

I'll probably use Cut Rotom depending on when the Secret Key is released.

I know I'm either going to use Turtwig or Piplup this time around, but am unsure which.
Shoot, maybe I won't use either of them. The former because of Tangrowth the later because it just seems...meh.


Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss
I'm going to defeat everyone in the game instead of going really fast


Well-Known Member
I'm going to try to beat the Elite Four without using legendaries. Also, I'll be using a different Flying Pokemon instead of the generic flying type (ex. Starly).