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What are You Going to do Different?


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im not going to put so much effort into it this time, my plat file is going to be for relaxation and fun.


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I'm not gonna have trhis game stolen!
otherwise, I may use this one as my online game and have my best pokemon on thus.

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I am in fact going to be a Woman in this game. I never have been, I am also going to be named Dawn and follow her footsteps.

I am also going to enjoy the Partner battles and enjoy the story line.


I'm going to evolve my Pokemon later until all their base forms learn their last moves...


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Before i even get to jubliife city i may raise my starter till their at thier second stage


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I dunno. With over 600 hours on my primary Pearl file, I doubt I'll devote the same kind of time to Platinum. Maybe I'll move everything to Platinum little by little and make it my new primary, since the third game in every generation tends to be the standard of excellence once it come out.


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Since there's more variety in wild pokemon prior to getting the National Dex, I'm definitely going to get a different team. Probably starting this game with Chimchar again because I have the most fun when I choose him, get a milotic, a raichu, and definitely take full advantage of the eevee you can get from Bebe now before you get the national dex.
I'm going to play through the game slowly and do everything you possibly can from start to the elite 4, rather than rush straight through to the elite 4.

Once I beat the elite 4 I'm gonna build up my pokedex and mess around with the new stuff...
Then I'm going to get back to EV'ing teams and WiFi battling after this long break. :D
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I'm taking a different starter, definitely. I can just trade my diamond's starter over.


this time i already have my team ready and waiting on lv15 as soon as i can trade,
i prefer to have my own selected team, afterwards i switch over to my regular EV trained team which i will just clone.

also i will check the surroundings more for changements, in my pearl version back in summer 2007 i had to discover most of the things afterwards which took me quite some time.

neo darkrai

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Unlike in past games I'll take my time and not zoom through the game ntil I'm ready. I also want to get the Platinum Nintendo Event.


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Use Pokemon I really want to, and not worry about building the "best" team. But I will spend a bunch of time on it and make it my competitive WiFi team, since I recently reset Pearl. :]


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I'm going to use my favourite pokemon in my team this time and i don't think i'll use a sinnoh starter -I like turtwig but i wanna use sceptile and i dont like two of the same time. Chimcahr and piplup however, I am not a fan of either X3


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I'll take my time through story instead of rushing it so I could battle my friends. And I'll pick a different starter.


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I'm going to start with a Chimchar as opposed to my choosing Turtwig in DP, simply because the little monkey destroys the entire in-game metagame.

I'll also train a decent team to play through the game with and yea...thats about it.


Wow, I'm surprised at how many people say they will take it slow and not rush through. I always did just about everything before I hit the Elite Four. I always fought every trainer. Also, I find it strange to hear people say they will build a team they like, over what's good. I always just picked the pkmn I liked best, good or not. Granted, I usually made them good by the time I picked a move set and put a team together, but still.

Scizor has ALWAYS been my #1 favorite. I loved Scyther back in Red/Blue version, and when I first heard that it was getting a Steel type evolution in Gold/Silver, I just about snapped. Ever since, Scizor has been my #1 favorite.

However, I plan to trade over my own 'starter'. You know, play the game with a pkmn other than Chimchar/Turtwig/Piplup. I was thinking of picking Dratini... I will pick Chimchar this time, seeing as how I picked Piplup last time. I will eventually make Plat my main game, and transfer my teams and legendaries over to Plat. I love my team with a passion and refuse to let them go, even with a new version on the horizon. I'll save them until I beat the E4 then pull them over onto Plat.
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However, I plan to trade over my own 'starter'. You know, play the game with a pkmn other than Chimchar/Turtwig/Piplup. I was thinking of picking Dratini...

Wait, is't even possible to trade over "dratini" early in the platinum game? Because I think you need to complete the platinum dex before getting the national dex?