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What are You Going to do Different?


Paul's fan
im going to keep "other" moves in my move set instead of what im used to, all moves that are ones that hit damage, oh and i will trade pokemon to it for certain gyms

and i might not "rush" through as i did in my diamond and pearl. it took me 19 hours to finish the elite 4 and get a lvl 100 in diamond, took my 12 hours to beat elite 4 and get a lvl 100 in pearl and ima try for atleast 30+ hours b4 getting a lvl 100 :p
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Shiny Hunter
I'm going to soft reset for a shiny Giratina, and trade some of my low level shinies from Pearl so I can 'grow' with a partially shiny team. :3


Amemoth Fan :D
Wow!? Awesome then! Thanks for clarifying. I am amuse and excited more so than before.. I could trade my fave pokemon early in the game then... I'll totally change my team!
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Darkrai's Nightmare

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I am probably going to choose Piplup as my starter,as opposed to Chimchar.I am also going to beat most everybody I see,instead of rushing it.
As soon as I hit route 209, I'm going to catch a Duskull and have that be my main pokemon, rather than the starter.

Couldn't get Duskull in diamond and pearl until you obtained the national dex, which made me sad.


I plan on trading 6 eggs onto my game to have more fun on it. I plan on conquering and getting all 5 trainer stars, and this time, No AR, even for ease of breeding. I'll breed on Pearl, and battle on plat. My Eggs i'm going to trade to get throuth the team will most likely be Houndour, Misdreavus, Snorlax(not munchlax), Treecko, Cyndaquil, and Squirtle, and they all will have epic TMs, good natures, and best Egg moves. I think it might work.

Empoleon Bonaparte

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I'm not gonna rush through the game again, but ENJOY it. Like capturing every Poké I see. And resisting the cruel urge of that what it is called Action Replay... ;)


Eeveemaster said:
Ramath said:
However, I plan to trade over my own 'starter'. You know, play the game with a pkmn other than Chimchar/Turtwig/Piplup. I was thinking of picking Dratini...
Wait, is't even possible to trade over "dratini" early in the platinum game? Because I think you need to complete the platinum dex before getting the national dex?

I meant, having a level 5 Dratini on my Pearl ready to trade over. I'll have to initially pick one of the 3, obviously, but I will be able to trade very early on. It won't be more than level 6 or 7. Just a few minutes of wild training will get it up to Chimchar's level. And, you can even throw in a little RolePlaying value in there as well. I was going to make another female character (I flat out REFUSE to play as Steve Erkle), and say that it is a gift from her sister (my Pearl game) to start her own PKMN Adventure.

Just as a side note: I still prefer the original Red/Blue starters over any and all of the succeeding generations' starters. The anime helps to give them personality, and makes them more fun, but even still, nothing tops my list than Blastoise and Charmander.

Side note, the sequel: I WISH there was something, endgame, that would let you use the Legendaries. There are some very cool PKMN that I'd love to raise and play with, but other than raising level simply for the sake of raising a level, there's no reason to use them. You can't use them in the Battle Parks, and unless you have the Wii, they sit in your storage box and collect dust. /sigh...
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Hey man!
I am going to use an "unusual" team:



Team Legendz Boss
I'm going to trade over eggs from my original e4 beating pearl team and use those.

then im going to use all legends, next a solo maybe, i dont really know
I'm going to actually pay attention to the story, cause maybe it'll take me longer to get through the game. I mean, i beat every trainer and what not and it still took me less than ten hours.

Surfer pikachu

What I will do diferent

1-Will get a piplup modest
2-When I get to Sandgem I will transfer eggs or LV1 Pokemons that I will Ev train
3-The team that I use on the first gameplay I will use it on the Battle Frontier


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I'm gonna start with chimchar this time instead of piplup, and I'm gonna use some pkmn I don't usually use. Also, I'm gonna complete my dex BEFORE gen 5 gets here...


Trainer Trainer
Since I never owned the original games or FR/LG I want to start with both charmander and squirtle. I also want to train a dragonite.


cg 25 said:
Since I never owned the original games or FR/LG I want to start with both charmander and squirtle. I also want to train a dragonite.
Oh, you're missing out. Those are my favorite starters, by far.


le quant-à-soi
I'm gonna take my time, and go with a completely different and unusual team, as always.

Diamond was: Lopunny, Torterra, Pachirisu, Drifblim, Floatzel and something else...ummm...can't remember, lol

Platinum is gonna be totally different and unique~ But I have to wait till it comes out in Australia, lol.


With all new Pokemon games I always try and use a different team to go through the game (so its not boring)

This time I'll choose that fire monkey starter (its name appears to decieve me at this time) due to the conciderable lack of fire Pokemon in the sinnoh region.

many form man

Falcon Punch!!
The obvious thing to say here would be a different team, and yes, I'm using completely different Pokemon. Except Infernape. I might give it up if the Secret Key is released soon, so I can give Rotom Overheat, and if I do, I'm replacing Infernape with Scizor.

Another difference for me is that I'm going to be more completionist; actually try and catch all the Legendaries (which will be made much easier with Giratina no longer being in the Turnback Cave, the event Regigigas, the Ranger Manaphy and Darkrai, etc.) Unlike Emerald, I'll actually attempt the Battle Frontier and hopefully defeat it.


Still gotta catch 'em all!
I started with Turtwig; which was huge for me because I have always chosen the water starter in every other game (Blue/Gold/Sapphire/Diamond). Since I started with Piplup in Diamond, I felt it was ok to go with something different since it's essentially the same game, haha. I also didn't have a Haunter on my team (1st playthrough team), which was the first time ever! This was particularly hard because I found a random shiny Gastly in the pokemon grave tower, d'oh!