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What are You Going to do Different?


Wannabe Hasbeen
Hmm... I'll probably choose the same starter, Turtwig, since I haven't chosen him since the first time I played through Diamond. I'll definitely try to build a cooler/funner/more diverse team, thanks to the new Sinnoh dex. I probably won't have the guide this time either, so it will probably take me longer to get all the items.


Water Type Expert
I know what I'm gonna do:

For a challenge, instead of Chimchar as my starter I'm going to train Turtwig.
Going to start breeding Milotics and Togekiss for trade.
I'm not going to use my Action Replay! :)
Actually capture Giratina instead of just defeating him like I did Palkia. (Stupid decision)
I'm going to do everything at a moderate pace unlike in Pearl. (I went really fast and didn't get the whole experience.)

Its going to be great!

;136; ;492-s; ;munchlax;


Is this real life?
I'm going to choose piplup instead of turtwig, and I'll be trading a Cyndaquill from Pearl ASAP. I'll also try to go a bit slower in the main game.


le quant-à-soi
I realised that I have never chosen a Fire Starter EVER (and I've been playing since Blue), so I thought I'd choose Chimchar. I also really want a Togekiss and Glaceon on my in-game team =]


Killer Trainer!!!!!!
First of all i would not cheat
Second i would catch Gible early on
Third i will train my team by fighting not by rare candies

Fire Ranger

Power Ranger Trainer
I'm going to take my time to beat the game. This way hopefully by the time I beat the game, I'll have enought money to buy another DS to trade over my Super EV Trained pokemon from Diamond.


Live Without Warning
I'm going to choose Piplup as a starter. I don't think I've actually used a water type since I played Fire Red.

I'm going to trade a few of my teams from Pearl into the game.
And I'll possibly soft-reset natures for Dialga & Palkia and Azelf & Uxie so I won't have to use a re-battle code and a nature modifier code to obtain the right nature.


Going to trade egg pokemon over to include them in my team from the beginning.
I will catch a Houndoom and probably train a Gible/Feebas before facing the Elite Four.


I am going to try beating the game with a meditite that i will hatch in platinum that is not bred for IVs and i will not EV train.
It will have Egg moves and stuff but i wont be looking for good stats. I will also get 2 lvl 1 pokemon that can learn all the hm's as hm slaves so that they won't do anything in the battles


Scizor fan
What I will do

The things I will do are
1. Do more training and EV training
2. Caught a Gible and make him a Garchomp
3. Get a Scizor
4. Use no cheats this time


I'm back
catch a shiny for once
have a fire starter, in this case Chimchar
breed good egg moves.
have well balanced team


a t l a n t i s
I haven't beat the elite four yet on my Pearl, but as soon as I do I'll find myself a Lickitung, breed it, and send the egg over to Platinum. Lickitung shall be my starter then :]


I'm going to plan my team out and use pokemon I've really never used before. It'll be fun to see how different pokemon level up and such. Also, I'm going to make my pokemon level up as much as possible. I want them over leveled.


New Member
I'm kinda struggling with what I'm gonna do differently. I've already done all 3 starters on my other games although I'm leaning towards turtwig or piplup this time.

I always take my time and train all my pokemon until they're all at the same level and at least 2 levels higher than the next gym leader. I guess I could not do that... but if not that, then what?

I'm also always stuck with poopie teams with kricketune and shinx at the beginning of the game. I'd like to not have them on my team, but transferring pokemon/eggs over from my other game just kinda seems like cheating somehow...

Any suggestions?

Pkmn Breeder Jack

Static owns you.
I'm going to take my time and instead of rushing to the E4, I'm going to enjoy the story and catch pokemon for my dex along the way. I'm also trading over an Elekid egg and Dratini egg for my starters.

Overheat Hothead

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I'm going to catch and train a team this time. In my Diamond, I just used Infernape. In Pearl, I traded over bred Pokemon. In Diamond number two, I just used a Luxray. I'm also going to just use Pokemon I like, giving no other thought to it. Pretty much anything'll work in-game and I'll have tons of time to train a decent team later.

Another thing I'd like to do is work on my Pokedex early on. I have a nearly complete National Dex in Diamond, but I didn't start till late in the game. I had to rush to complete my Sinnoh Dex and it'll be a bit harder since the new Sinnoh Dex is bigger.


My 906th post at 9:06 AM. =S


So Cool
I'm gonna choose Chimchar as my starter. Then I'll use pokemon on my team I usually dont use. I'm gonna take my time on this one. Gonna catch every pokemon I see I usually end the games with most of the pokemon captured. Also gonna try to catch every pokemon in just normal pokeballs I dont like seeing my pokemon in anything else but that.


Not gonna do much different except my team.Im so happy that they extended the 'dex.

I really want Drifloon on my team again, but there are so many new Pogeymanz to choose from so I think I'll ditch him this go 'round.

Im thinking:
-Snorlax/Ambipom(If I get lucky enough with those darned honey trees)

It'll probably change though.