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What are You Going to do Different?


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In pearl my team became very unbalanced (staraptor lvl63, all else like 30 lol) so this time i am working on keeping one of every type trained emough to Be useable. Also i just caught a gible which i didnt do in pearl.


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The old rod is to the left of Jubilife city. Talk to the fisherman in the gatehouse.

I'm training a team fairly evenly, something I've never done in D/P.


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Same place than before... Jubilife City, just before you get on the road for Canalave.

Well, now I finished Platinum and I didn't enter in the new Battle Frontier... because I'm making my new team and EV training to know which Pokémon I can get. Working hard on Rhyhorn and Sneasel. And other more and I got recently a Chimchar and Blaziken (for Border-line team).
Besides the working harder on my Pokedex, I will definitely be focusing a lot mroe on my team, and using Pokemon I haven't used before. I really didn't EV train a lot in my Diamond, but I hope on changing that.


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Well, I started with Turtwig in Pearl which was the first time I had started with a grass stater in any of the games I own (Gold, silver, crystal, sapphire, fire red, pearl). But I will keep up my tradition of starting with fire types for platinum.

I will try and get Gible early now that I know where it is. And, if you've read my sig, I will look rigorously for my first shiny.


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Here's what i'm doing different:
-i'm accually going to EV train pokemon
-going to get through the game faster, and not take 70 hrs this time
-Going to get different pokemon, not just a staraptor and a biberal.
-and Enjoy my team galatic battles!


I'm really taking my time and enjoying the game. So far, I'm at 56 hours and only have 5 badges :D. I've given up on having a favorite Pokemon and even favorite type (although I'm still partial to the water type); there were just too many Pokemon I really like to choose from!

So this playthrough, I'm training a lot of different Pokemon. I'm also trying to train more than just 6 main Pokemon; so far, I've got around 20 Pokemon at even levels that I've been switching in and out. My "ultimate" team for the Elite Four is Empoleon (my starter), Gallade, Magmortar, Glaceon, Tangrowth, and Vespiquen (all some of my favorite Pokemon).

Otherwise, I've just been taking it slow and doing everything. I'm doing some EV training and trying to get natures that at least aren't hindering, but the serious training can wait until later (if I do it at all). I've started to become a lot less competitive; in Diamond, I was spending hours trying to get ideal IVs, natures, etc. It took the fun out of the game. I'll leave perfection for the metagame, and go with what I have for in-game battles!


I'm trying to use different pokemon, on both Pearl and Diamond I ended up with a lot of high level normal pokemon that I used for the Elite Four, this time, I'm trying to use a mixture of different types of pokemon :)

I'm at 21 hours exactly, and I have 7 badges :)


I plan on raising a team of pseudo-legendary pokemon to use in the battle frontier and throw in a random high-level, non-legendary pokemon into the mix.
When I began playing my Pearl, I mostly cared about just getting through the storyline for fun. I didn't bother talking to anyone who didn't give or tell me something important or helpful, and I didn't worry too much on obtaining all the items I could either. Now that I Platinum and the complete strategy guide, I plan on taking my time talking to everyone and getting every single item possible lol. I'll also take my time training my team equally, especially before I reach a new town/city or have to battle my Rival or the Elite Four. In my Pearl, I only had four good Pokemon to battle with by the time I got to Victory Road. I still haven't finished everything I need to do in the Distortion World in my Platinum, but I already have my good team of six Pokemon. :) I'm also caring a lot more about the daily events than I used to, like obtaining the rare berries from the girl in Pastoria City. I also started giving the Amulet Coin to the first Pokemon on my team, so I have maximum money in my Platinum now. I use the VS seeker more often to train my Pokemon once and a while as well.
I plan on raising a team of pseudo-legendary pokemon to use in the battle frontier and throw in a random high-level, non-legendary pokemon into the mix.
I'm also planning to train a specific team of Pokemon for the new Battle Frontier; I can't wait! :)


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I've used cave pokemon for a team [zubat, machop, and bronzor]

also, i now use soft reset! isn't that cool? [/sarcasm]
I'm going to stop bieng afraid of tall grass (Have been since Red and Blue, lol, I suck)
So far I've beat platinum's storyline and got a ev trained Lv 86 Giratina(origin), But I'm still afraid of grass.


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For platinum, I've decided that I'm going to go ahead and grow berries. I remember my old days of growing berries on my sapphire game a few years ago, and I was surprised to see that the 4th gen way of growing is even easier than that. I'm also going to EV train a few pokemon for beating the first round of E4 and champion battles. However, I still picked Piplup as a starter. I also raised a Houndoom and a Gardevoir for a while. It's cool seeing all the different small changes the designers put in trainers' rosters this time around.


I will work harder on catching all the Pokemon, I will actually hatch eggs, I haven't done that in years lol...


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I'm going to be organized, try to beat the game slowly, without rush. I'll try to evolve all my Pokémon, even the ones I don't use to their max, give all of them a good moveset, etc.
I'm going to try and make a balanced out team with no legendaries~
I always cheated back with legendaries back then XD

But, I did cheat slightly with having my friend trade me a mareep and dratini. But that's not really cheating = m =
I traded over five eggs and never used my starter. I have an all Dark Type Pokemon team. It's working out really well for me and it's pretty cool, I have Houndoom, Crawdaunt, Umbreon, Cacturne, Sableye and Drapion. I waited to catch Scorpion though, didn't trade that one over. And I also named every one of my Pokemon after Fire Emblem characters. I don't think I'll ever run out of names XD