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What are You Going to do Different?


I was gonna try and get rid of my starter and just have six random pokemon in my team, because I've never done that before.


Try and use a whole different team.

And take my time to play it.
Already done like 11 hours and havent even gotten the 3rd badge.


I'm going to try to beat the whole Battle Frontier and focus more on competitive battling.

Darkness 2.0

I'm gonna train ALL my team, not as D/P that I was giving most of exp to my Empoleon (but it is now at lvl 100 w/ all that training) and only for the 2nd Gym my Staravia (now a Staraptor), catch a Gligar for a Gliscor, a Shinx for a Luxray and a Machoke (Why? Spark +Foresight +False Swipe vs Giratina = easy catch). Also I'm gonna get it in French (Duh...). And finaly beat ALL the Battle Frontier.

mrrrrrrr KENNEDY

Latest (SR)
I will use different pokemon to play through the game more than likely ones in the new 'dex


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I'm going to evolve Piplup!
In Pearl, my piplup was just bad. :S


I catch another random Pokemon and ev-train it up to Level 100..Last time it was a Girafarig...


I definitely did something different this time around. Instead of finishing the game, and working on a competitive team from scratch afterwards, I traded over a set of eggs from my Diamond and started working on my competitive battle team starting at the beginning of Platinum.


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I don't know if i want to buy Platinum yet. I just started re-playing crystal, and i'm also kinda playing Diamond so those are keeping me busy. Then i'm thinkin about getting MD explores of time & darkness, and then when the new Gold/Silver come out i'm definitely getting those. So i'm not sure if i'll ever play Platinum. But if i do, i'll try to use a more balanced team. I just basically always use my starter the whole game and when it comes to the E4 i just grab some random pokemon up to help me. lol.


hmm... In diamond, i actually tried to catch pokemon when i found them. this time every single one i find that isn't handed to me gets to faint unless its a legendary or shiny until after the national dex arrives. the only pokemon i've caught so far are bidoof and starly (now at their final evolutions though) and i'm up to catching giratina. thanks to this my empoleon's leveled a lot faster and its been less annoying... i'll start catching other pokemon after the national dex is obtained but not before...
also, i may actually try out EV training for the first time and i'll hunt for shinies moar (giratina stakeout right now...)
and then i'll actually try to defeat everyone in the battle frontier and get all them badge things.
and i vow to beat the elite four first time round.
so many things to do...