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What are You Going to do Different?

squirtle soup

Unova Champion
i started with turtwig instead of chimchar in platinum
rotating my team more than in diamond
try to complete the national dex

Captain Noob

Feelin' Sleepy
I ditched the whole "HM" slave (Bibarel) thing to make the game more fun rather than abusing Bibarel's powers of usefulness. I also caught a Gible at the beginning because getting a Garchomp later would be a challenge. Telling my old lazy self to actually use the Dowsing Machine this time paid off too. I found way more items in Platinum than before in Diamond, especially Rare Candies.

Obviously, this time I'm gonna do the Fight Area different - I need a good team to smash the Frontier!


Well this time round I've been using a lot of trade-evolve pokes. My team has a Machamp, Porygon-2 and a soon-to-be Scizor. That's it really other than catching more pokemon than I usually do. Rather than having the 6 in my team, a couple HM slaves and any gift pokemon, I've been having fun catching all the newly available ones.


Adventure Seeker
I didn't really focus on catching every pokemon that I had seen, and I didn't train my pokemon half as much as I did on Diamond.
I also enjoyed it a lot more since I pretty much knew what I was doing.


Well-Known Member
choose chimchar over piplup, get good natured pokemon for my team and rotate me team as i go

Dragom master Tryce

Well-Known Member
my original plan was to start eving my pokemon, but I kinda failed at that so, I'm going to focus more on training my team, and try and get a lv. 100 set.
This time, I'm taking slow, and trying to find more Items. And it worked. I have way more than my brother, who rushes through it. He is at the Pastoria Gym already. (We just got Platinum yesterday) I have way more items than him.


I'm just going to train my pokemon excessively in Mt.Coronet, on Iron Island and in VS.Seeker Rematch battles in these last stages of the game before the 8th badge, so that when I reach the Pokemon League I won't be faced with a leveling up of 13-15 levels.


The Wandering King
one thing i did differently was complete the game with just infernape and Staraptor (started at their youngest forms first)
Also chose Chimchar this time as i chose piplup on diamond and turtwig on pearl.

Recently finished the league with level 65 infernape and level 62 staraptor

Escape Reality

well, i used a stronger team, than i did before, and continued to *not* use legendaries unless i'm training them, but i'd use them after the first time through. i also made a better team, like, not a lot of pokemon that share the same weakness.


I'm using the Johto starters as part of my team and am trying to avoid using most of the Pokemon I used in Diamond/Pearl. Though I do have a Staravia and Alakazam that I've been using. (Teleport was very useful pre-Fly.) I also have a Butterfree with Thief like my other two games. But that's because in my opinion that's the best Pokemon to use Thief on period.


My pearl team is full of fail.
Everyone has a Luxray, or Roserade on there team XD
I got platinum back in april but I started out a fresh new traded team :)
So I don't have to start out with the sucky, overrated ones you catch at the start.


Pokemon Veteran
1) Started with Piplup instead of Turtwig like in D/P.
2) Did not use legendaries to beat the Elite 4.
3) Different team:
-Pearl: Torterra, Palkia, Golem, Luxray, Alakazam, Staraptor
-Platinum: Empoleon, Rapidash, Garchomp, Roserade, Luxray (only used because I found a shiny Shinx like 2 hours into the game), and Drifblim
Im going to try and catch all of the legendary Pokemon
and I've been trying to beat all of the trainers, not just the ones I have to face